2011 Toyota Prius in gold.In pure terms, a hybrid is the amalgamation or amalgamation of two different things. In terms of cars, a hybrid car is a vehicle that uses electric motors and an internal combustion engine that work together to create motion.

Mild hybrids use their electric motors in series with the gas engine, adding boost when needed. Gasoline-electric hybrids use an electric motor (or more) working in concert with the gas engine to achieve the greatest possible fuel efficiency. Hybrid cars store the energy recovered during the braking process (renewable energy) in small batteries, and use this energy to power the car, either on its own or alongside the gas engine. Plug-in hybrids operate similarly to a hybrid but carry a larger battery pack that users can recharge by plugging it into a power source. This battery pack can power the vehicle by itself, ranging from 10 miles to 50 miles (or more).

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