Silhouettes of the Volvo EX90 (right) and a mysterious car (left)Volvo’s next big product is a high-dollar electric SUV that will serve as the stand for Volvo’s line of banners. But it will likely be followed by a smaller, less expensive electric vehicle (EV) that shares many of the same traits.

Yesterday, the Swedish automaker revealed its new flagship 2024 EX90 3-row car. The company has not officially said that the EX90 will replace the XC90 SUV. But Volvo has announced plans to sell something other than electric cars by 2030. So we expect the XC90’s career to be over within a year or two of the EX90 hitting dealerships.

At the end of the show, CEO Jim Rowan ended the show by hinting that something else was in the works. As he left the stage, a fixed screen appeared behind him, with brief flashes on the silhouettes of two vehicles.

One was the EX90. The other looked like his little brother.

It’s hard to judge the size from the glimpse we caught. But Volvo already has a pair of all-electric compact SUVs, the C40 Recharge and the XC40 Recharge.

So the logical assumption seems to be that this is an electric companion – and perhaps a replacement – for the mid-size XC60 two-row.

Once you make one EV, designing the second is fairly easy. Most new electric vehicles run on common platforms — nearly flat modular units that combine batteries, electric motors, suspension and steering components. Engineers can scale it up or down to build vehicles of different sizes.

General Motors, for example, is using its new Ultium platform to build everything from the nearly $30,000 Chevy Equinox EV to the $300,000-plus Cadillac Celtic luxury car.

Volvo says the EX90 rides on an all-new platform. The company will likely downsize it a bit to build a two-row SUV with many of the same features.

We have contacted Volvo to request more information. But automakers like to tease out upcoming models and then slowly relay the information, so we don’t expect a comprehensive answer before they want us to. We’ll come up with more details when we get them.

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