VinFast VF7

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has unveiled two new electric SUVs that it plans to bring to the US market by early 2023. The VF 6 and VF 7 are smaller than VinFast’s first two offerings – the 2-row, midsize VF 8 and 3-row VF 9.

You may not have realized that Vietnamese automaker VinFast has introduced Which electric SUVs in the US market. So, the introduction will probably be in order.

What is VinFast?

Founded in 2017, VinFast is the first Vietnamese car brand to market cars outside that country’s borders.

It is a subsidiary of VinGroup, the largest conglomerate in Vietnam, operating in fields as diverse as real estate and healthcare. The company was planning strong growth. It now has offices on five continents, with plans to sell cars on all of them.

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VinFast VF6

That sales plan includes the US, where VinFast is opening a few dealerships in Southern California.

Own the car, rent the battery

The company has a unique approach to electric vehicle ownership. The owners buy the car, but rent it out for a monthly payment. Two subscription plans are available – one with unlimited mileage and one good for 310 miles of driving per month.

In exchange, VinFast agrees to replace any battery that falls below certain performance thresholds. The company said it will also introduce a more traditional purchasing model in the future.

Its current products, the mid-size VF 8 and VF 9, offer up to 402 horsepower. The EPA has yet to test its range.

Compact and compact approx

The company showed the two smaller models at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, but didn’t provide any pricing details.

Vinfast says the small VF 6 engine will be available with either 174 or 201 hp. Both engines are front wheel drive (FWD) only.

The slightly larger VF 7 seems to split the difference between compact and midsize SUVs. It will be offered with an FWD powertrain making 201 horsepower, or an AWD setup making 349 horsepower.

However, it did announce that its cars would carry “a 10-year VinFast warranty and a 10-year unlimited mileage or lifetime EV battery warranty—among the strongest new car warranties in the industry.”

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