A teaser image posted by Toyota on Instagram showing the next generation Prius from the front in poor lightingThe Toyota Prius may be the OG hybrid, but the old man is due for a redesign. Since its debut in 1997, Toyota has introduced the world to an all-new Prius every six years. But the current model is seven years old.

After being a bit late for a cue, the 2023 is finally on its way. It will make its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week. Toyota was upset about the arrival of the next-generation Prius with three posts on its Japanese Instagram early this morning.

Three teaser pictures today

One is a shady silhouette all over the place now that every automaker seems to be using to announce a new car this year (someone getting these guys some light up). It shows off the classic long-bow greenhouse, tailgate, and short hood that has characterized every Prius you remember (unless you’re one of the few who remembers the awkwardly small first generation of small sedans).

A teaser image posted by Toyota on Instagram showing the features of the next generation Prius in poor lighting conditions

It may be less and sleeker than the current Prius, but it’s hard to be sure without someone turning on the lights.

The second is more revealing. It’s a slightly less silhouetted vertical shot, revealing thin C-shaped daytime running LEDs roughly corresponding to the Toyota logo in the center. A pair of distinctive stripes in the hood is more noticeable than the current model.

The third shot is a simple graphic showing a close-up of the headlight. The words “regenerative hybrid” follow the line of lights, although they seem to be a feature of the drawing, not the car itself.

What might that mean? We’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out. Toyota did not disclose technical details.

A teaser image posted by Toyota on Instagram showing a headlight graphic of the next generation Prius

The rest of the family is catching up

We do note, however, that the latest Toyota Corolla Hybrid comes close to mpg in the current Prius, and the latest Toyota RAV4 Prime has a longer all-electric range than the current Prius Prime plug-in.

If Toyota wants to keep the Prius name tied to its peak hybrid capability, it can’t risk losing comparisons to other cars in the same showroom.

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