Sony Vision S01 and S02“Nice car. What kind of graphics card is it running?”

It’s a strange question now. In a few years, it may not be.

Sony and Honda will work together to bring out a new line of electric cars that may be toy machines on wheels.

Details of the emerging partnership

The two companies earlier this year announced plans to work together on a stable of electric vehicles. They launched a joint venture, Sony Honda Mobility (they’re pouring all their creativity into cars, we hope) this summer.

Now, Sony Honda Mobility President Izumi Kawanishi has started talking about what the companies have planned. Honestly, he’s using terms from the gaming community, not the auto industry.

“We will develop car as devices that meet the entertainment and network needs that we want to provide,” Kawanishi told the Financial Times. “Sony owns content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We adapt these assets to mobility, and that is our strength against Tesla.”

This does not necessarily mean that your next SUV will be the PS5. But when asked directly if PS5 technology could work inside a car, Kawanishi said it was “technically possible”.

Interior design of the Sony Vision S-01 concept

Playing behind the wheel? Maybe if the car is driving

And uh, we hate to get involved, but…behind the wheel…don’t you have other things to do? “To enjoy the space in your car, you have to make it a space where you don’t need to drive. The solution to this is self-driving,” Kawanishi said.

Sonda … Hony… Sony Honda Mobility isn’t the first company to think of a self-driving car as passengers get busy playing driving games. Tesla models currently offer over a dozen games on their center touch screens, from 1979’s Atari classic “Asteroids” to the first entry in the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog series.

You can only play with it while the car is parked. That wasn’t true when it first launched, but the company disabled the games while the car was in motion after federal safety regulators notified Tesla that they considered the functionality a safety risk and might investigate it.

Meanwhile, General Motors showed off a concept car built entirely around the idea of ​​gaming space. BMW says it will add games to some cars next year through a partnership with AirConsole.

Self-driving may be a long way off

The self-driving part may be the biggest challenge. By some estimates, automakers have spent more than $100 billion in the quest to build a true self-driving car. They haven’t come close to achieving that, and the federal government is reportedly considering criminal charges against Tesla over how it publicized its efforts.

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This makes Sony Honda Mobility’s goal (how would it fit on a trunk lid?) to produce its first products in 2025 seem aggressive. We wouldn’t be surprised if their first cars let you play “God of War” while standing. It may take some time before you crash in “Gran Turismo 7” behind the wheel without repeating the accident in the real world.

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