Service Marketing And Relationship Competition Marketing

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Talk about Service Marketing and Relationship Competition Marketing.



The importance of service marketing and relationship marketing is increasing in this competitive market.

Customers are becoming more aware of what they want and have many options. Relation marketing and service marketing are vital in order to build customer loyalty.

This is why there are many cotemporary businesses that are providing the best customer service to ensure they are satisfied (Renberg, T.Wichman Tornqvist K., Kalvemark Sporrong S., Kettis Linblad A. and Tully M.P. 2011, 2011).

This ensures that customers are satisfied and loyal to the company.

Priceline Pharmacy is one the most prominent health and beauty retailers in Australia. They place a lot of emphasis on service marketing, as well as relationship marketing, to ensure that the company has competitive advantages.

Main Body

Flowchart for front and back stages

The Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville front stage carries out activities that assist them in meeting the client. It also depicts the sales, marketing and delivery of the product.

It is used to describe the operational aspect of client experiences.

Shieh (S.C., 2013,

This is the motivation for proper management of clients and customers according to the basic needs.

It helps to define the activities that will enhance the business’s ability to use the Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville services.

The Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville’s back stage carries out all support processes and managerial activities. It is conducted behind closed doors.

In the case of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville, the back stage represents all aspects of administration. This includes the proper management of staff activities and the tracking of products.

It is also used to plan the Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville, taking into account the facts and then following up with an accounting process.

Significance of Services Encounter

The importance of the service encounter is important in helping to define the cultural beliefs, and expectations that Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville has created.

These expectations were shared by Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville members, who also share the orientations that unify them.

This helps to create a distinctive culture that binds them together and makes the organization stand out (Panvelkar P.N., Saini B., and Armour C., 2009).

This includes empowerment, the use of IT to enable personnel, recruitment, and training. The pay is based on their performance.

To distinguish the belief system, boundary systems and interactive control system, the organizational control system was created.

These four pillars are essential for the proper construction and maintenance of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville. (Barnett M. Frank, J. Frank, H., Wehring H., VonMuenster S.; Kumbera P., Halterman T. and Perry P.J. 2009).

It is essential for the establishment of core values and beliefs, as well as the definition of rules for enforcing them.

It helps to set clear goals and encourages learning.

These enhancements are designed to encourage learning by identifying strategic uncertainties and the critical performance variables that can be avoided.

Managerial Implication

The activities of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville managers are determined by their implication.

This essay shows the daily activities and the management of the organization. The roles played are also shown.

The management of drugs and medicines, price listing, and records management are all examples of the roles that were played (Kumar S., Dieveney E. and Dieveney A., 2009).

Management also plays a role in displaying the enhancement of the store and thereby focusing attention on the patterns that are used to identify the prices of drug stores.

It is part of managerial implication to assign the tasks to workers in dividing the groups.

This helps to improve the organization Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville by focusing on the quality services provided.

It also aids in the improvement of strategies, which seems to be part and parcel of the managerial implication.

It is believed that the managerial implication includes the identification of competitors in order to enhance the organization. This allows the company to focus on its future focus, which is the sale of its products and services (Oparah A.C. and Kikanme L.C. 2006).

Management implications include the management advices that were provided in order to create a better management system. The manager at Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville is responsible for developing a clear and concise idea.

These implications also reflect the quality of risk management, which helps to create a suitable management system. Consequently, the ability is also increased by taking into account multidisciplinary functions.

It also emphasizes the improvement of actions that help in the distribution and procurement, and thereby enhances the medical administrations. (Gura K.M.; Duggan C.P.; Collier S.B.; Jennings R.W.; Folkman J.; Bistrian B.R.


Control structures must also be focused on the preparation and dispensing of medicines. Management and maintenance of policies and procedures must also be emphasized.


The essay focuses on service marketing and relationship marketing as a result of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville.

The flow diagram of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville’s front and back stores, as well as the managerial implications of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville’s actions, is the focus.

Raehl C.L. (2006)

The focusues are explained to provide each point of view. This helps in creating a management system that provides policies and procedures for staff.

This diagram also takes into account the potential of Priceline Pharmacy Hurstville. It demonstrates how the enhancements can be made to manage the market’s risk and increase competition.

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