Honda 1997 front quarter cornerHonda and its luxury Acura brand have had some success lately as a nostalgic canon. The company last year brought the Acura Integra back — as a beloved piece of ’90s culture as any New Kids movie on the Block tour or the “Home Alone” movie — to critical acclaim and sales success.

A new rumor has it that the company may repeat the feat with another beloved nameplate. Honda’s introduction may return, this time as an electric car.

Honda Classic

If you’re not old enough to remember, Honda made an affordable sports coupe under the Prelude name from 1978 through 2001. Enthusiasts loved it for a recipe that included an affordable price tag, front-engine design and mostly front wheels that drivers at the time were familiar with, handling atheism.

And in the best years, pop-up headlights.

The gossip seems to have started with a report in Japanese in the online car publication Best CarAnd the They migrated online. We’ve reached out to Honda to ask for confirmation – but automakers often benefit by letting the rumors ripen. Therefore, we would not be surprised not to receive any feedback at the moment.

What is driving this?

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe outlined the company’s electric plans in April. At this point, he said, “We are currently exploring the global introduction of two Sport models, Specialized and Flagship models.”

“Specialty car” is a term that doesn’t make much sense in the US, but in Japan, it often refers to affordable performance coupes.

Best Car reports that the next Prelude will be electric, hit the market around 2028, and may use solid-state batteries. Many car manufacturers are working hard on developing solid-state batteries, which may charge faster, weigh less, and support longer ranges than the lithium-ion batteries found in electric cars today.

We can’t really talk about the truth of the rumors before Honda. We’ll just note that the brand’s next EV for the US market has already been called Prologue (auto makers love alliteration). Combined with the success of the Integra, this is suggestive.

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