2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross SportVolkswagen and its luxury brand Audi have issued a recall alert to nearly 225,000 vehicles that may contain faulty tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Since this is a common part used on many cars, the list of recalled vehicles is long. It includes:

The vehicle’s TPMS functions well in most conditions but may not notify the owner in time if all four tires lose pressure at the same rate simultaneously. In documents submitted to federal safety regulators, Volkswagen says the system will warn owners before the pressure drops dangerously low. However, they will not do so in time to pass federal safety tests.

Dealers will fix the problem by updating the software.

Recall fixes are always free.

Manufacturers try to contact each owner, but they do not always reach them with news. Find out if your vehicle has any pending repair requests at our Return Center.

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