2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Blue.Tesla issued a recall covering about 40,000 Model S and Model X SUVs from 2017 to 2021 years that could suddenly lose power steering assistance. As is often the case with Tesla recalls, the problem does not require a trip to the dealer. Tesla says it can fix the problem by updating the software remotely.

In documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla explains, “EPAS may experience a loss of power steering assistance when driving off-road or after hitting potholes.”

If the power steering stops, the driver can still steer the vehicle. However, steering requires more effort than usual. Since drivers do not expect a change in steering effort, this may contribute to an accident.

Tesla will fix the problem with an over-the-air software update. The company says that more than 97% of the affected cars have already received the update, which is part of the firmware version, 2022.36.5.

Recall fixes are always free.

Many cars are recalled to repair safety defects, sometimes more than once. While automakers try to reach every owner to demand that they bring the car in for repair, they rarely reach all of them. Millions of vehicles on American roads need free recall repairs. To find out if your car is one of them, check out the easy VIN tool in our recall center.

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