2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport in white.Hyundai has issued a recall of nearly 44,000 2018 Santa Fe Sport SUVs that are at risk of ignition. For some SUVs, this is the second recall related to the same issue. The company is asking owners to park cars outside, away from structures and other vehicles, so dealers can fix the problem.

Components in automobile anti-lock braking systems can generate more electric current than valves can handle. This could lead to a short circuit. In a car’s combustion-friendly environment, short circuits can lead to fires. The problem can develop even when the vehicle is stationary.

Some of the cars included in this recall were recalled due to the same issue in February. But Hyundai says it is aware of two car fires that have been repaired as part of this recall campaign.

Dealers will fix the problem by installing a new fuse system.

Recall fixes are always free. Manufacturers try to contact each owner, but they do not always reach them with news. Find out if your vehicle has ever been recalled at our recall center.

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