PUBHLTH309 Hunger In America


This topic is about Hunger in the United States of America.


The United States is the world’s largest food producer (Chadwick 7).

Modern methods of agriculture have been used in the country to maximize agricultural production.

The country has the best farming practices and highest per capita production in the world.

This information might lead one to believe that almost everyone in America is food secure.

This is false.

Food security, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (Riches Graham and Tiina 14), refers to an environment where everyone has access to safe, nutritious, and adequate food at all times.

Food insecurity is often associated with hunger.

Not only is the issue of food insecurity and hunger important for America, but it’s also crucial globally.

It is why the UN’s Development Programme has one of its sustainable development goals: to eliminate hunger.

A recent study found that 40 million Americans struggle with hunger (6 Zinn).

It is heartbreaking to see that 12 million of these people are children (Zinn 7).

This means that many households are food insecure.

Food insecurity means they don’t have enough, safe, and nutritious food to meet their dietary requirements.

They are at risk of poor health due to not receiving the proper nutrients they need for growth, development, and immunity.

A study found that families with children are more likely to be food insecure.

A total of 58% of food insecure households had enrolled in at least one federal assistance program.

Each human being has the right to health and well-being.

A person cannot be happy if they don’t eat enough.

Food is essential for healthy living and well-being.

There are many ways to address the issue of food insecurity and hunger in the United States.

Donating food to the hungry is one way.

There are many humanitarian agencies that provide food assistance to the poor.

A survey can be used to identify people who are in dire need of food assistance.

An assessment of the household’s food security is the most effective and common way to do this (Coleman Alisha Christian, Anita 14).

This assessment would identify all households in need of food assistance and include them in the intervention.

This has been done by the government through federal assistance programs.

This would help to significantly reduce the hunger problem.

Another solution is to create many employment opportunities.

This is primarily the responsibility of the government (Carter. Elijah. Caitlin. Jason. 540).

To ensure sufficient employment opportunities, the government should use aggressive strategies.

These strategies could include encouraging foreign and private investors to invest in America.

This could be done by the government in a number of ways, including ensuring that there is a favorable business environment and taxation.

Many employment opportunities could ensure that everyone, both young and old, has a job.

A job opportunity can lead to an income.

This makes it easier to pay for food and other necessities.

Food insecurity is often linked to unemployment (Riches 14).

Government could also come up with innovative and creative ways to help those who are food insecure find a source for income.

It is sad that hunger in America is still a major problem in the 21st Century.

Immigration reform is the third method to end hunger.

A third of undocumented immigrants living in America are extremely poor (America 13, 13).

They have to work hard to pay for food.

These people should have some benefits.

The government could allow them to stay in the United States and let them work there.

Experts in humanitarian issues suggest that such an action would have more benefits than disadvantages.

It would be cheaper to allow immigrants than to close the border for them, and it would also benefit the United States.

This is how legalization would result in significant hunger eradication.

They would be able to work legally if they were legalized.

They would be able to finance their own needs as well as those of their families.

They would also have more purchasing power for food.

America would also be benefited as some immigrants are experts in different fields (John, 19).

The Pros and Cons of the Solution

Both the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions above are apparent.

Let’s start with the first.

The first would be food assistance programs.

This is a good thing.

This may not work in the long-term.

It is crucial to make sure that the solution chosen can be sustained.

These programs should be focused on making sure that households have the ability to eat without fear.

Another solution is to increase employment opportunities.

This would increase the purchasing power of households and individuals.

This would reduce food insecurity.

This would have many benefits and very rarely be a disadvantage.

In cases where new industries are created to address the problem of hunger, the only downside could be environmental pollution.

Legalizing immigrants was the final solution.

This would allow the immigrants to seek legal employment.

They are more likely to receive higher wages.

Higher wages lead to higher food purchasing power.

The downside to legalizing illegal immigrants would be a rapid increase in population.

This is because it encourages more people to move to the US.

This is not a problem as most immigrants return home within a reasonable time.

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