A gazelle stands on the side of the road as a car approachesA new study shows that permanent daylight saving time would save 33 lives and about 37,000 deer annually.

And the study, published Wednesday in the journal Current Biology, found that making daylight saving time permanent would help Americans spend fewer hours navigating in the dark. That could prevent more than 2,000 human injuries, 33 deaths, and about $1.2 billion in automobile damage annually.

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“The numbers are surprisingly large,” said study author Laura Brugg. Bruges is an associate professor of wildlife sciences at the University of Washington.

The study reports that about 440 Americans die in 2.1 million deer car collisions each year. Deer are most active at dawn and dusk, and car accidents are more likely to occur at such times.

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The US Senate unanimously approved a bill to make daylight saving time permanent earlier this year. But the procedure was halted in the House of Representatives.

US Representative Frank Balloni, the New Jersey Democrat who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee, told Reuters this week, “We haven’t been able to come to a consensus in the House on this yet. There are a variety of opinions on whether we should maintain the status quo, the transition to a permanent time, and if so, what time should it be.”

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