Fiat: We’re Bringing the Electric 500e to America for 2024

Fiat is a car brand in Europe, dating back to 1899 and an iconic model – the Fiat 500 – marketed in more than 100 countries. But Fiat’s few U.S. dealerships are hanging by a fraying thread, with the beloved 500X small SUV only sold for the entire 2022 model year. In October, Fiat dealerships […]

What’s new in the 2023 Kia Sorento?

The Kia Sorento is Goldilocks’ SUV, with room for three rows of seats but a smaller footprint than most three-row SUVs. Everything was new for 2021, so instead of reinventing it for the new year, Kia improved its safety equipment and added some convenience features. All advanced driver assistance systems are now standard, including rear […]

What is DC fast charging?

DC fast charging (DCFC) is one of the energy gain protocols in electric vehicle batteries. Direct current, or direct current, is a connection used to charge an electric vehicle. Since batteries are direct current devices by nature, alternating current (AC) must be converted to direct current before you can use it to charge the battery. […]

Toyota unveils the concept of a small electric SUV

Toyota used the opening of this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show to reveal a concept car that could become a small all-electric SUV. The oddly named Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept may not preview a specific production car. Toyota says the car is “a glimpse of what the future could be.” But it looks close […]

2023 Toyota Prius: Sleek new design and modest efficiency gains

Toyota has not released prices for the 2023 Prius. We expect it to start around $26,000, and climb to the low $30,000 range Toyota estimates the Prius hybrid will achieve up to 57 mpg in combined driving, while the plug-in hybrid versions could have an electric-only range of about 38 miles. The Eco Icon gets […]

What is Flex Fuel?

Flex Fuel is the brand name for a blend of up to 85% ethanol and gasoline. The mixture is also known as E85. Vehicles running on Flex Fuel can also run on lower concentrations of ethanol or pure gasoline. Engineers created Flexible fuel vehicles To run on increased ethanol content without harming the engine or fuel […]

What is a HUD?

A HUD or head-up display is a device that displays vehicle information such as current speed, navigation instructions, and forward collision warnings on the windshield. The images appear in the driver’s natural field of vision, so they don’t need to look away from the road to see the information. Developed for fighter pilots, the HUD […]

What is a hybrid?

In pure terms, a hybrid is the amalgamation or amalgamation of two different things. In terms of cars, a hybrid car is a vehicle that uses electric motors and an internal combustion engine that work together to create motion. Mild hybrids use their electric motors in series with the gas engine, adding boost when needed. […]

What is a diesel engine?

The diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that relies on compression to ignite the fuel. When the air in the cylinder is compressed, its temperature rises. Diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder and ignited. Diesel engines are the most energy efficientInternal combustion engines. 

What is electrification?

Electrification involves adding electric motors to a vehicle’s driveline. Gas developmentOlinElectric hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are all examples of electrification.