NURBN1006 Foundational Nursing Practice


In this paper, I would reflect on a clinical incidence that influenced my future nursing practice with the help of Gibb’s reflective cycle. The incident relates to a seven-year-old patient for whom I was responsible for carrying out wound dressing. The boy arrived at the healthcare setting with graze shin. The shin is the front of the leg below the knee. My primary responsibility was to carry out dressing following ANTT (Aseptic non-touching technique). Poor standard of aseptic technique is a basic cause of healthcare acquired infections. The ANTT has the main focus of minimising the introduction of micro-organisms into the site of injury suffered by the patient. The assessment was carried out is an effective manner, and the patient was relieved of the immediate complications of suffering a grazed shin.


Since I was able to demonstrate my ability to successfully carry out the wound dressing procedure, there was a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Previously, I had not much experience in providing wound dressing to patients. I would also like to mention that the age of the patient, in this case, was a crucial factor. Caring for children requires much more patience and competency as compared to adults. I took proud on myself after being able to adhere to the aseptic technique for the patient. The experience gave me insight into how wound dressing techniques are to be carried out. I understood that the ANTT technique needs to be further researched on so that I can gain knowledge about the recent developments made in this respect.


The positive aspected related to the case scenario was that I could successfully receive consent from the patient before commencing on the wound dressing. The communication with the patient was clear and effective, that enabled me to educate the patient about the detailed procedure of the wound dressing technique. However, there was a fault on my part to not raise the bed of the patient to my hip level that could have facilitated the wound dressing process. Due to my poor decision, I was compelled to put pressure on my back that was disadvantageous. Further, I had not engaged in a conversation with the patient regarding his pain score. This is important since I was aware of the fact that the pain scale rating was 2/10. In addition, I had not administered analgesic after the dressing procedure was complete.  


At this juncture, I would like to analyse my experience so as to outline an action plan for my future nursing practice. The mistakes that I had made while caring for the patient were extremely undesirable and unprofessional on my part. Appropriate posture is required while dressing wounds or any similar care activity for reducing the physical buden on the professional as well as on the patient. Raising the bed to my hip level would have reduced the burden on my hips while not adhering to the same practice would have led to an injury. Pain score determination is a fundamental element of caring for patients suffering injury. Not following this practice meant that the care provided was not comprehensive. Optimal quality is care is provided only when it is comprehensive in nature. Lastly, analgesics are the first line of medication for relieving pain and administration of the same would have ensured that the patient was relieved of pain.


The experience had both positive and negative implications of it. My supervisor provided me with valuable feedback that was constructive at its core. While I was praised for my ability to carry out the dressing technique successfully, I was also criticised for my mistakes. Feedback from a supervisor is essential to determine the areas of improvement for nursing practice. Reflecting on clinical incidences is an effective tool for working with strengths and weaknesses pertaining to own practice. The present reflection motivated me to work on an action plan that would be based on the mistakes I had done unknowingly.

Action Plan

My priority at the present stage would be to engage in research for finding and understanding best available evidence on a wound dressing. It will be appropriate if I refer to the vast range of resources available over the internet for the research purpose. Considering nursing pharmacology and patient assessment tools throughout my research would be aligned with the present experience. Further, taking part in online discussion forums would be beneficial for the exchange of ideas and experiences between professionals from the same background. This would promote receipt of knowledge and enhance my ability to demonstrate clinical reasoning skills.

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