NRS 433V Introduction To Nursing Research

Table of Contents


What is health economics? How does it affect your practice?

Consider the issues that you consider important in relation to health economics or financing in health care.

This week’s readings suggest that our health care system is failing or needs major reform.

Are you in agreement or disagreement?

Create an argument to support your position.

To support your argument, you can use several economic concepts from the readings.

Discuss how current economic conditions affect the APN’s role.

What is the importance of APNs having knowledge in finance and health economics?

What are the effects of economics and finance on this discipline?

What are the most important aspects of healthcare financing and economics?

Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services predict that the US’s gross domestic product will increase by almost 20% by 2020.

The United States spends the most on healthcare in the world (Penner 2013, 2013).

Are we failing our healthcare system?


The study of health economics, a branch in economics, focuses on efficiency, effectiveness and value creation in the healthcare sector.

Economists are interested in studying the functions of the health care sector and their relationship to finance and economics.

This practice focuses on resource allocation, cost, resource use, efficiency, and resource utilization.

These include mobilization and allocation of funds to specific areas or regions of the country, as well as mobilization of funds for healthcare.

The means citizens use to pay for their health care is another important aspect of health care financing.

This practice also helps to distribute resources to ensure that citizens of all social classes can afford health care.

Over the past few years, the issue of medical insurance has been a contentious issue in the country. Many people are unable to afford it and could end up not receiving essential medical care.

There are many reasons why the current health system is failing.

Culyer (2014). A successful health system must have the following characteristics: efficient, cost-effective, and proper allocation of resources.

The current health care system is failing to meet the criteria for a successful system, and it is therefore failing.

The current health care system’s cost is too high and prohibitive for many.

It is also problematic to make use of resources allocated for health care. Many of these funds are being misused for unrelated purposes.

APNs play an important role in health care, and specifically in managing finances in the health department.

APNs are greatly affected by the current situation. They are expected to provide care for all patients, despite the difficult conditions.

The delivery of services to patients is impossible if resources are not properly allocated. There may be a shortage of equipment or drugs in hospitals.

APNs should be knowledgeable in health economics as they can improve the system by making efficient use of resources (Rosenthal 2017, 2017).

Because of a variety of reasons, economic discipline can have a significant impact on health care practice.

Because citizens require health care services, budget allocations are critical.

To achieve health care goals and objectives, it is crucial to manage, allocate, and optimize these resources (Feldstein 2012).

This article discusses the impact of health economics on the practice and management of health care professionals.

The article also discusses the importance of medical insurance and how it can improve health care delivery.

Finance and economics are crucial in health care.

This helps to allocate resources properly.

This allows the government to address all health care needs.

It is important to allocate resources in a fair way based on the health care needs of particular regions.

In health care, economics is crucial as it helps to determine the cost of providing services.

The resources can then be deployed once the costs have been determined.

It is essential that the people responsible for managing these resources are familiar with health economics in order to make them work efficiently.

Economics are also important in the procurement of equipment and material for health care.

A comment is made on the posting. It indicates that the capital-strapped health care system has not been able to make capital.

The reasoning behind the same is detailed and well-referenced.

Because so many people don’t have insurance, funding health care is not efficient. This makes it hard for them to pay their medical bills.

To improve the delivery of health care in the country, it is necessary to review the Affordable Health Care Act.

Refer to

Culyer, A. J.

Encyclopedia of health economics.

Healthcare management and economics: Perspectives of public and private administration.

Hershey: IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue Hershey PA 17033, USA).

A common American illness: How healthcare has become a big business and how to get it back.

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