NRS 427V Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

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Write a report about Grand Canyon University’s Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal.



This study creates a proposal for Grand Canyon University’s community teaching plan.

This paper is designed to complement the teaching plan proposal (ZygmuntFillwalk and co., 2014).

Grand Canyon University is one the United States’ top-ranked Christian research universities.

The University offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in education, healthcare, science, math, and Christian theology.

This assignment focuses mainly on the University’s healthcare offerings (Flynn, Pillay & Watters, 2016,).

Primary Prevention or Health Promotion

It is important that you remember that both health promotion and disease prevention are primarily about keeping people healthy.

Both have plans that are geared towards implementing practical health care measures.

These strategies are called primary prevention activities.

Health promotion is the act of motivating people, especially to live a healthy lifestyle and become a self-manager (Smagorinsky 2014).

Planning before Teaching

Name and qualifications of the Teacher

The estimated time it takes to teach:

Teaching Location:

Materials, supplies, and equipment are required:

Estimated cost:

Grand Canyon University Proposal: Community Teaching Work Plan

The Epidemiological Rationale

There are many initiatives, such as programs, policies and other organized activities, that relate to health promotion. These should be empowering, holistic, participatory and inclusive (Flynn Pillay & Watters 2016, 2016).

Health prevention programs assist individuals and communities in controlling their environment, personal and socio-economic factors. This helps to reduce their negative impact on their health.

Health promotion promotes spiritual, mental, and physical health (Sicat, et al. 2014).

Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing diagnosis is directly related to self-care activities and heath seeking.

These activities include self-care, program identification and elimination of harmful health care practices.

It is important to recognize the need to reduce stress and to actively seek knowledge about medical treatments or disease processes (Patton Parker & Tannehill 2015).

You are ready to learn

Every stage of your life is an opportunity to learn.

Nurses must be able to communicate with patients both emotionally and practically in order to identify the problem better.

Learners will be more effective as members of the social care team or health care team if they have access to other professionals and students (Nascimbeni & Burgos (2016)).

Learning in groups can help learners understand the limitations of their profession.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with your social care team, it is crucial that you do so.

Learning Theory to be Used

Salutogenic theory is primarily used for health promotion programs.

The particular theory can also be used to enhance the health promotion program.

The program is primarily focused on the individual’s health and not their disease.

This theory will be taught so the student can solve future problems (Hord and Tobia 2015).


The primary goal of health care promotion is:

To increase the number people who have medical insurance

To increase the number people who have dental insurance (Altrichter and al., 2013).

To increase the number people who have a primary care provider.

To increase the number who were medical employees (Flynn Pillay & Watters 2016, 2016).

Develop Behavioral Objectives that Include Content, Strategic or Methods

Domain and Behavioral Objective


Strategies or methods

Each of the five students in the group will have to choose the third student. He must name a healthy food (Flynn Pillay & Watters, 2016).

Five main food groups make up the food pyramid: seafood, vegetables and cakes; artificial sweeteners, pizzas, and cakes.

It’s a well-known fact that unhealthy foods contain a lot of sugar and fat, which can directly cause health problems.

Healthy food includes vegetables and seafood.

Interactive poster presentation of the food pyramid

Each food category must be explained by the teacher.

Students place the pictures of food on the right spot on the pyramid (Flynn Pillay & Watters 2016, 2016).

Students should study the causes of major diseases.

There are many diseases, including Malaria, Cholera and Diphtheria.

Cholera, Diphtheria, and other diseases that can be caused by bacterial infections (Patton Parker & Tannehill 2015).

Moths are the main cause of malaria.

Measles is caused by viruses.

This chart shows both the causes and symptoms of the disease.

The chart should assess the child’s health and recommend ways to improve it (Flynn Pillay, Watters, 2016).

Students should study the importance of sport in daily life (Patton Parker & Tannehill 2015).

There are four main sports: Cricket, football and chess.

Cricket and football are outdoor games

Indoor games include carom and chess

This chart shows the difference between indoor and outdoor games.

It is important that children play the same sports as adults (Patton Parker & Tannehill 2015).

Potential Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement of Teaching Plan

Teaching is a rich pursuit for nurses because it allows them to share their clinical expertise and also prepares them for the job of advanced nurse.

Teaching is a way to help students succeed and shape the next generation.

It is the practice that improves both patient care management agencies and units that perform advanced practice roles (Flynn Pillay, Watters, 2016).

Community Teaching Experience Form

Form for Community Teaching Experience

Personal Information

Home Address

Phone (Residence).

Email address:

Current Position

Current Title:

Address to the Employer:

Education background

Name of Institution



Teaching Experience


City and State

Specified years

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