A Mazda Vision study - possibly a teaser for an upcoming electric car - is seen in profileWhile many automakers have scatterbrained personalities, Mazda knows what they are. The company makes good-looking cars and SUVs with outstanding handling characteristics that aren’t luxury cars but won’t embarrass themselves in the luxury-car blender.

Mazda doesn’t try to be all things to everyone. He tries to be one thing and be good at it.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Mazda is among the last major automakers to announce plans to go electric, and its plans are cautious.

reach 40% electricity by 2030

Mazda announced this week that Mazda expects 25% to 40% of its global sales to be electric vehicles by 2030. By that date, a half-dozen or so competitors plan to stable all-electric or almost all-electric.

Mazda said in a statement that the company will present a slate of electric vehicles in the “later half of the second phase” of its plan.

And those electric vehicles? We don’t know anything about them. The statement did not detail any future products.

2022 Mazda MX-30

One EV already, and it hardly matters

Mazda has only one electric car for sale in the United States. The MX-30 is a compact, compact coupe-like crossover available only in California. It has the shortest range of any EV currently for sale in the US—100 miles. That’s enough for commuting and running errands, but it’s a real drawback if you think of the MX-30 as your only vehicle.

future plans need to To provide greater driving range and keep the fun in Mazda’s signature corners while on family duty. Mazda designers know that. But they didn’t bother us with a bunch of graphics or model names.

Instead, CEO Akira Marumoto simply says that executives “hope to manufacture electric vehicles in North America at some point.” The company is still studying how to meet the requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act, which limits federal tax breaks for electric vehicles built in North America.

The Mazda Vision study - perhaps a teaser for an upcoming electric car - seen from behind

teaser in advertising

Mazda did not provide any details. But she did plant one hint in her ad. The statement detailing nearly $11 billion in partnerships in electric vehicle development came with two bids.

It shows a two-door sports car with a Miata-like nose, slim headlights that appear almost folded out from the hood, and tiny mirrors (maybe cameras). It holds tight to the road with huge tires on thin wheels.

It’s wearing a fastback roofline, and there seems to be no way to open that hatch – your biggest proof that this is just a photo reality show.

Is it electric? All we can tell you for sure is that it’s beautiful, and it’s a work of art in an electric car advertisement. The file names on the images call it the Vision Study Concept. But if you want to speculate that Mazda will resurrect its RX-7 name, we won’t stop you.

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