If you own a Lexus that was built between 2010 and 2018, you may have missed out on some features this week. Lexus halted service at Enform’s suite of connected services on Monday night.

The automaker didn’t have much choice. The Enform network relied on 3G phone connectivity. America’s major mobile networks have taken most 3G services offline this year, which means Enform’s suite of services has gradually stopped working for most users, anyway.

Affected vehicles include all Lexus models from 2010-2017 and 2018 Lexus GX. Lost access to:

  • Lexus Enform Safety Connect, which included automatic collision detection, an emergency assistance button, and a stolen vehicle tracker
  • Lexus Enform Destination Assist, which offers a 24-hour helpline
  • Lexus Enform remote control, with remote locking/unlocking and remote start/stop functions, and
  • Lexus Enform Service Connect, which provided reports on the condition of the vehicle and alerted you to necessary maintenance

Lexus will replace some, but not all, of the Services through its Lexus suite of apps. But some seem to be lost forever. The Company will provide pro-rata refunds to owners who have active subscriptions to the Enform Services.

What is 3G?

Cell phones, tablets, and other connected devices communicate across parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum has a limited number of frequencies, and there is no way to add more.

Cell phones and tablets from the early 2010s are known as “third generation” or third generation devices. More modern devices use 4G or 5G technology, 4G or 5G. They communicate across different parts of the spectrum.

Mobile service providers maintain nationwide tower networks that broadcast on each of these frequencies. Since a small number of customers are still using the older 3G network, the major providers have shut down these networks in 2022.

But you are more likely to replace your phone than you are to replace your car. Many of us carry 4G or 5G phones but still drive 3G cars.

Some other automakers have an answer

Several automakers have provided services such as the Lexus Enform Group. Some, like Lexus, chose to turn it off as 3G networks disappeared.

Others have upgraded older cars to 4G and 5G networks.

For example, General Motors has upgraded many vehicles with over-the-air software updates for OnStar-equipped vehicles, which should keep most vehicles connected.

Early 2010 Subaru vehicles require a physical upgrade to keep their STARLINK system running. Subaru dealers install the upgrade for free.

Most of the Teslas cars currently on the road are already equipped with more modern systems. But some Model S cars built before 2015 still use 3G connectivity. Tesla sells an upgrade to keep these cars up to date but requires owners to pay for the installation.

However, Lexus says, “there are no retrofit modification options available” for Enform-equipped vehicles.

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