HSH704 Communications Strategy

Table of Contents


1. Develop a communication strategy to promote a health seminar

You can choose from the following topics:

Alzheimer’s disease

Medical marijuana

Mindfulness can be used to improve health and well-being

You can choose the location.

The seminar could be held in a public setting, for example, or by professionals from a local health organization. Or you might host an online webinar.

2. Develop a communication strategy to increase awareness of a topic.

Choose from the following:

Alzheimer’s disease

Medical marijuana

Mindfulness can be used to improve health and well-being

You can focus on any topic you like.

You can keep it broad or concentrate on a specific aspect.

You can decide what to do.

If you are unsure what to do, please email your Unit Chair or tutor to get advice before you proceed.

1. Develop a Communication Strategy

Create a strategy that clearly explains your goals.

This is about thinking big.

What’s your ultimate goal?

Do you want to encourage more knowledge and understanding through seminars?

Do you want to lobby for a change of attitude or cultural change within your organization or region?

Do you want to influence policy changes or the injection of money from politicians?

Do you want to encourage people to talk about medical marijuana?

Your strategy should include information about who your stakeholders are and how they will be contacted.

Include a stakeholder analysis within your strategy.

Refer to Week 8’s lecture on stakeholder analysis.

Describe the tools that you’ll use and why.

5 media releases in the local newspaper over a 10-week period to keep it bubbling; a survey monkey survey for opinions; a blog; simple 30 second video to promote an event; and other.

How can you measure success?

To measure the success of your communication strategy, you should create a list of metrics.

How many people visited the website?

How many people registered for the event?

You should think carefully about how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

This is crucial.

Clear impact measures are key to good strategies.

What are the potential risks?

A communication strategy that is effective will consider all possible risks. It will also include a simple plan for risk management.

This involves identifying the potential risks for you and your organisation, and preparing appropriate mitigations and response plans in case of an emergency.

It can consist of a series or simple matrix that outlines the risk and how to minimize it.

Here are some examples of activities that could be at risk.

Image or reputation

b)to finances

c) To physical/mental health and well-being



Communication about health is vital for spreading information.

This is the process of communicating information and ideas to a society about health initiatives.

A communication strategy helps an organization achieve its goals through effective communication.

It explains what the organization wants to communicate with the community and to whom it is intended to reach.

Communication strategy is not only about achieving an organizational objective. It also aims to engage the stakeholders effectively, measure the impact of communication on the audience, and ensure that people understand the purpose of the organization (Gray and Harrington 2011, 2011).

A communication plan is essential for achieving the organization’s goal of raising awareness about marijuana’s medicinal and recreational benefits.

Ctb.ku.edu 2017: A communication plan identifies the purpose of communication, who is involved, what message is being sent and which communication tools are used.

Communication strategies should include the creation of social media channels to communicate the message about health.

This helps in publicizing the event and in measuring its impact, so that it can be rated as a success.

This report’s main purpose is to create a communication strategy to promote medical marijuana.

Some countries are well-known for marijuana’s recreational use.

Many studies have found that marijuana can reduce nausea and improve appetite in HIV/AIDS patients. It also helps with chronic pain (Hill 2015).

It is important to spread awareness about marijuana as medicine to the community.

The community awareness program targets adults aged 18 to 50 years. Seven hundred people are expected to attend.

Because the community lacks information about medical marijuana, chronic pains and other diseases have been suppressed. This has made them a burden.

Communication strategy objective

The communication strategy aims to raise awareness about medical marijuana.

This communication strategy aims to dispel any misunderstandings or misconceptions about marijuana.

These positive messages can be used to help the government come up with a legalization plan for medical marijuana (Wong and Lin 2016, 2016).

This will promote healthy lifestyles among those involved.

Communication with stakeholders

Medical marijuana awareness involves all stakeholders, including the general public, patients, health professionals, media, and the government.

It is essential to communicate with stakeholders in order to ensure public health protection.

Interpersonal communication is possible with the patient group.

This can be done by providing counseling to patients by health care professionals.

This improves the relationship between the counselors and patients and provides immediate feedback.

Local radios, talks, and seminars can all be used to communicate with the general public.

This allows communication to be clear and focused with good contact between people.

Seminars, workshops, or internal memos can all be used to communicate with health professionals.

Because the members live in the same environment, this is very convenient.

Emails can be used to communicate with the government.

Below is a table that illustrates the type of information that was relayed to stakeholders during a health communication strategy.

General Information

Particular information

Sensitive information

Information about regulatory matters


General public




The national government



Mass media- This can have a large impact on the goal’s exposure.

An advertisement on television or radio can reach the audience quickly (Basin and Owens 2017,).

A printed pamphlet containing information about the medical benefits of marijuana can also be a useful tool for health communication.

They can be printed in multiple languages to increase their relevancy and effectiveness.

Community activities – These could include road shows, video shows, and drama performances for the target audience.

This provides entertainment and makes a positive difference in the community.

Participation in the community-These include advocacy activities and group meetings.

This helps to change the attitude of the entire community (Rice & Atkins 2012).

Personal communication- This includes counseling and enhancements to health clinics using posters or leaflets.

They improve personal interactions between clients and health professionals.

Internet sites-These websites are useful for those who have internet access.

These include blogs, YouTube videos and organisation websites.

These increase information dissemination to multiple stakeholders.

Internet sites can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a communication strategy (Hogeveen & Lam 2012).

Posters can be very effective in communicating the message about health issues.

Posters should be easy to understand by the public in order to increase their effectiveness.

Communication metrics employed

Communication metrics are key to assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies by evaluating its impact on the community.

There are many ways to measure success in communication strategies:

To evaluate the effectiveness of a communication strategy regarding medical marijuana, questionnaires can be created.

These questionnaires can then be sent to a small group of people.

The strategy’s impact can be assessed by their feedback.

The web statistics can be used to track the audience response.

This can be done by monitoring which files have been accessed and downloaded from your website.

It is assumed that the communication strategy works if there are many people who access the web information (Collins, 2009).

To track the success and effectiveness of a communication strategy, an organization can set up a toll-free phone number.

It can be used to determine how aware the community is of the event by assessing the number who call to ask questions or give feedback.

To gauge the level of comprehension, you can ask the callers questions related to medical marijuana.

To assess awareness of medical marijuana in your target community, you can conduct a survey.

It is possible to gain insight into the perceptions and attitudes of your target audience towards marijuana by using a survey.

You can download a video about medical marijuana to your-tube channel. This will help you measure the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

To increase the number of people who view that video, you can include the link in your website.

The audience’s impact can be measured by counting how many views, comments, likes, dislikes, and likes that video has.

A Facebook page for your organization can be used to estimate the impact of a communication plan.

This can be done by looking at the number of people who liked the event and their opinions.

Blogs can also be used to measure the success of a strategy.

This involves creating a blog that contains the health information to be shared.

The number of comments left on your blog, as well as the number of them, will give you information about the strategy’s impact.

Some potential dangers could arise from medical marijuana communication.

These risks are addressed and offered a solution in the communication strategy.

These are some of the potential risks:

Bad reputations can cause people to distrust or dislike your message before you even deliver it.

This could be due to misunderstandings of the organization, making it a communication problem.

To correct the impression or false information, the organization should respond promptly.

To change people’s attitudes, the organization can provide information about itself.

Your message about marijuana medicinal value may not be understood by people or they might misunderstand it.

It could be because they are making assumptions or using language that is not clear to them.

It is important to apologize for any misunderstandings and clarify the information.

It is crucial to verify that the message was understood.

Engaging the audience can help you gauge your satisfaction.

Potential risk can also arise from misinterpretation by media.

You can correct this immediately by sending a press release to the editor or a letter to it.

If the media has misinterpreted the message inadvertently, another communication avenue can be used.

Response to the risk

Bad reputation of the organization in the community

Correction of bad reputation by revealing the truth

The society misunderstands the message

Corrected by reiterating the message in an easier-to-understand way

Media misinterpretation of information

Press release with correct information. Choose another media group in case of misinterpretation

Develop a communication plan

The communication plan is designed to illustrate the communication objectives, target stakeholders, as well as the strategies for creating awareness about medical marijuana.

Communication pans involving medical marijuana require the involvement of all stakeholders and their commitment.

Information about the project

Name of the project

Project manager

Medical marijuana organization

Description of the project

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness about the medicinal benefits associated with marijuana (medical cannabis).


Patients group, community group and health care professionals.

Communication plan

Key messages

* Spreading awareness about the medicinal benefits of marijuana

* To dispel any misinformation and misconceptions about marijuana.

* Providing knowledge for the federal government and regulators in order to legalize medical cannabis.


Communication tool


Date to be drafted

Publication Date


Counselling and interpersonal skills

John Walker


Group of community members

Participation in the community, mass media, posters and Facebook, seminars, websites



The national government

Emails and personal contacts



Emails and personal contacts



Press releases and letters to the editor

Catherine stockman


Development of Facebook as a Social Media Tool

A Facebook page is the preferred social media tool for this communication.

This page on Facebook describes the event to raise awareness about medical marijuana.

You are welcome to like this page and share your opinions.

Facebook is a popular choice because it allows you to quickly build a large number of members who are able to freely participate.

You can also control what members post on the group page. This is possible by creating a control mechanism for the profile.

You can use the activeness of this group to determine its success. Below is a screenshot from a facebook page that was created to raise awareness about medical marijuana.


It is vital to communicate health information about medical marijuana. This educates society about the many health benefits of marijuana.

A good communication strategy can help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Stakeholder analysis is required to establish a communication strategy.

Communication effectiveness is determined by what information is to be communicated, who the message is being sent to and how the information is relayed.

A communication strategy that is successful should include a number of metrics to measure its success and impact.

Effective communication can be achieved by creating a communication plan that includes information about the communication objective, key messages, and stakeholders.

Combining traditional communication tools with social media can have a significant impact on reaching large audiences.

A Facebook page can help promote the event and aid in reaching the organizational goals.

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Communication is essential.

Chapter 6.

Section 1.

Main Section

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