HLTEN514B Apply Research Within A Contemporary Health Environment

Table of Contents


a) Explain the role of the healthcare team members during the research process

b) Identify an area in healthcare where research has led to a change in practice

c)Reflect on your experiences in healthcare and identify an area where research could improve practice.

Data storage and ethics

What data storage requirements do researchers need?

Only ethical approval is required for human research.

The responsibilities of researchers when seeking approval from an ethics committee.

There are specific issues that must be addressed when conducting research with certain groups of participants.

These are three categories.

Follow the link to locate the primary research article.

Write a brief summary of the research.

Data collection method/s


All gender and age issues

All cultural and religious issues


Research is a process of gathering information to explain, predict and describe a phenomenon.

Because doctors can discover new treatments through research, it is vital that researchers are involved.

Research is the key to new treatments, procedures, and medicines. (Titler 2008).

Researchers give doctors and nurses the opportunity to learn new technologies and techniques for treating different diseases.

Research is vital in modern health care to ensure quality service delivery for patients.

Part A

Effective research requires team members.

Because they have different roles, team members are crucial in research. This is to ensure that quality research results are achieved.

The following people are needed to conduct effective research: Facilitator/mentors, team leaders, participants as staff nurses, and administrative staff members. Each member of the team is given equal responsibilities.

Because of its urgent nature, healthcare in Australia is at the top of the list.

Many studies have been done to improve health care services.

Telehealth has made a huge difference.

Telehealth services allow patients to communicate with their doctors online, from consultations to treatment to service.

This technology has been especially beneficial to those living in rural and remote areas. They can get the same medical attention online, without needing to travel far to see a doctor (Moule&Goodman, 2009).

Medical research is necessary to improve healthcare outcomes.

Research in health is necessary to develop new treatments that are more effective than existing medication or alternative treatments.

(Curtis, & Drennan, 2013) Research can help improve health care. For example, patients suffering from chronic illnesses or diseases like hypertension, cancer, and blood pressure can have a positive outlook, take their medications, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Research has shown that chronic disease patients have access to better treatment options and medication.

The mortality rate has been reduced by the use of new technology to treat cancer.

Research has allowed for the development of technology to treat cancer, from early screening through main treatment (McCormack 2017, 2017).

Research has shown that patients who are treated in research institutions have a higher rate of recovery than those who do not.

For better delivery of health care services in a country, research is essential.

Part B.

Data Storage and Ethics


It is important to keep data secure so that other institutions cannot access it, except for the authorized team members.

The data files must be linked but kept separate so that authorized researchers can only link them.

This is done to make sure that the data can’t be altered or removed from the secure system. (Stevens 2013, 2013).


HREC is an important Australian system that provides oversight for research involving human subjects.

Researchers are responsible for obtaining ethics committee approval. This involves researchers designing a research proposal and filling out all forms. The supervisors then sign application documents and assume responsibility for all aspects. These documents are submitted to the Human Research Ethics Office, (HERO), who authorizes the submission.

After acknowledging receipt of the application, the HERO sends a note to the chief investigator. Finally, HERO coordinates review and approval of ethics applications.

These are the three types of participants:

Pregnant women and the human foetus

People with cognitive impairment, intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses

Patients who are dependent on medical care may not be able or able to consent.

Part C

Literature review

This research is designed to address issues that can arise from a lack of urgency by nurses in dealing with early signs and symptoms of diseases.

The research objective is to evaluate respondents’ ability identify abnormalities in respiratory and heart rates, oxygen saturation level and systolic pressure levels, level of consciousness and urinary output.

A descriptive observational survey was conducted at a Cape Town nursing college, South Africa. Data were collected using an adapted questionnaire that could be self-administered.

The sample included 77/212 fourth-year students, with the majority of respondents over 25 years old.

First respondents were Afrikaans, followed by isiXhosa, and then English.

The majority of respondents understood normal temperature.

Overall, there would have been delays in calling the healthcare providers for critical illness skills. This is in contrast to psychological parameters.

The article concludes that patients are negatively affected by delays and non-recognition in deterioration of patient’s clinical condition.

It can also lead to severe adverse consequences for patients.

To promote positive outcomes for patients, the article suggests that nursing curriculum should use the track-and-trigger system.

Refer to


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