HLT305 Legal And Ethical Principals In Health Care


These factors influence how you view the world and how you approach ethical decision-making.

Answer the following questions:

What are your personal definitions of values and morals?

What experiences, teachings, and events have influenced your development of values and morals in the past?

What does your view of moral and ethical behavior impact your behavior and worldview?

What influences your personal and cultural traditions and values? How can you react when your values and morals clash with those of others?

Talk about integrity, accountability, ethical behavior, and health care.

These concepts are important for patient care.


Personal Values and Moral Integrity

Moral Integrity and Values

While most people agree that personal values are important, not all know how to measure or evaluate them.

It is often about the type of values that someone holds.

These are the principles and ideologies one holds most dear and would defend even if they seemed irrational.

Morals are ethical rules that are often derived out of societal structures like religion or experiences.

Morals are often seen as the boundary between right and wrong.

It is rare to find a difference between morals and values.

There are both good and bad morals. However, there is no distinction between personal values. Anyone can have any personal value.

The person who has them is responsible for their personal values.

Values can be viewed as either good or bad, depending on how they are interpreted.

There are not universal values, as many factors influence values such as culture and experiences.

Experiences, teachings, and events can often influence people’s morals and values.

You can have a personal value and then change it after you experience it.

My values have been greatly influenced by books.

I have learned a lot from reading books and it has changed the way that I think.

The world is a vastly different place than I thought.

Many of my values and morals, which I had previously inherited from my parents and education, have been reshaped after reading books.

Ishmael, a novel by Daniel Quinn, changed my perspective and values.

The book changed my perspective on life and the way I see humanity.

The book changed the beliefs and values that I held and changed my morals.

Books have had a profound influence on my morals, values and beliefs.

My personal values have been shaped by various readings, including honesty, respect, empathy, and honor.

People act and behave according to their beliefs and morals.

My beliefs affect my outlook and behavior.

People’s beliefs can influence their thinking.

My ethical beliefs influence my actions and reality.

It is the beliefs of an individual that determines how they act when faced with a decision.

My personal beliefs influence how I see things and deal with issues (Bloom 2010, 2010).

Good beliefs can influence one’s behavior and will help you to be more positive.

To achieve positive results, one must change their beliefs.

Cultural traditions and culture influence one’s views and perspectives.

Different cultures and traditions can have different ways of seeing the world.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that cultural differences can affect how you react to a situation.

People from Asia, for instance, might think differently about something because they are influenced by a more traditional culture (Blais Jack, Scheepers and Fiset, 2008).

Culture shapes our thinking and actions.

Culture influences our thoughts and how we interact.

Conflict can often result from a clash of moral views or perspectives.

Conflicts can arise when values and morals are not in harmony. This leads to mistrust and misunderstandings that lead to conflict escalated.

It is important to handle moral conflict well, as it can often lead to misinterpretations.

Moral conflict is often dealt with by me changing stories.

Talking about other things can often reduce the intensity of moral conflict (Batson and Thompson, 2001).

To resolve moral conflicts, dialogue is often used.

You give the other side all of your arguments, and then you listen to theirs.

This allows the parties to get to know each other better and find ways to end their conflicts.

Nursing practice is characterized by integrity and ethics.

Bioethics is the application of ethical issues to healthcare.

It covers the care of patients, research, and the use of healthcare resources.

Healthcare providers are expected to act ethically and transparently.

Integrity and honesty in healthcare are manifested in being honest with patients and respecting their privacy.

It is essential to make decisions about healthcare that are based on integrity and ethics.

Ethical practices include patient confidentiality and informed consent (Iserson 1999).

Healthcare standards are promoted by ethical behavior.

Integrity should be a key component in the recruitment of healthcare professionals.

Communication is essential in healthcare. Ethical behavior encourages communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Integrity and ethical behavior promote communication, which improves accountability.

Our morals and personal values influence our daily behavior and attitudes.

Our environment, culture, and experience shape our beliefs and morality.

All healthcare professionals should uphold ethical values.

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