HLSU232 Human Biosciences BSc


TAQ 1: 1.1 The Ebola viral disease is a menace whose symptoms initiate with haemorrhagic fever in human being and other mammals (Maechler et al. 2012). The discussion deduces a plan to investigate about the menace of Ebola viral disease, the objective of the investigation is to cover the areas of outbreak and study the pattern of occurrence along with investigation about the ways by which it can be culminated.

1.2 Survey Based Methodology

1.3 The disease has detrimental effects on the beings who are attacked by the virus. The disease is highly communicable and takes the life of thousands of people mostly in the South African region every year (Perry et al. 2014). The treatment of the inimical effects of the virus is not yet clear and hence it is a highly significant area for investigation to reduce its occurrence and decrease the death rate due to the occurrence of the disease (Christie et al. 2015).

1.4 There have been several studies done on the development of the symptoms and disease that occurs as a consequence of infection by the Ebola virus. The criticalness of the disease has attracted many researchers to investigate about the menace in a planned way. Although there are materials available regarding developing plans to eradicate the menace, still the studies have not come to a conclusion to improve the condition of the situation (Hanmer and Ozan Kalkan 2013). The studies in general suggest that the implementation of theories of Donabedian’s structure process theory outcome for planning the investigation model. This model provides with a framework that creates an understanding about the quality improvement process. Some of the available theories apply the Plan, do study and act model (PDSA) which is a methodological layout that provides guidance to project in the right way (Petrov 2012). There are several other studies that are based on another framework, it is known as the Transdisciplinary Model of Evidence Based Practice (Donnelly and Kirk 2015). This is another model that describes the involvement of people from different background in the decision making process that helps in balancing the work in progress.

TAQ 2:

2.1 Key Stages Of Investigation:

The planning should inculcate some of the aspects that are required for successful investigation. The first and foremost step that should be involved in the investigation process is the identification of the reasons behind the occurrence of the disease, the symptoms should be evaluated along with the number of people effected by the disease in the population (Dixon and Schafer 2015).

2.2 The people are going to be approached at their houses, the importance of the study will be demonstrated and then the people willing to participate should be considered for examination.

2.3 The plan, do and act model of evaluation is considered for the investigation.

2.4 Several research materials are considered for planning the investigation like the work of Team 2014 and Team 2015.


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