HIM317 Principles Of Health Information Management

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The Health Information Manager is responsible for 25 beds in a critical access hospital.

This organization has many roles and you currently manage all HIM Department functions (coding transcription, document imaging, etc.

You are responsible for the implementation, management and maintenance of the EHR as well as privacy and security.

In a modular fashion similar to the HIMSS ElectronicMedical Record Adoption Model, the organization has been sequentially implementing their Best-of-fit EHR and then adopting it.

The organization has a goal to improve quality by benchmarking with other organizations. Their strategic HIT imperative is for patient safety through closed-loop medication administration.

CPOE is one of the modules that has been fully implemented. It has been adopted by doctors.

Your task is to implement and adopt the BC-MAR module in the EHR system. This will help you meet the organization’s HIT goals.

Five nurses are employed by the organization to administer and record medication.

The nurses were asked to map the current process in preparation for the adoption of a BC-MAR system.

Each variation was numbered to show the variation among nurses.

These numbers don’t correspond with the nurse being numbered.

If there were three different types of nurses, these numbers were 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Five variations were illustrated if each of the five nurses did a different task.


Steps for BC-MAR HIT Planning

In order to plan effectively, the manager must involve non-IT managers and executives in the planning process.

The manager must ensure that the important people are included in the planning process.

They sometimes make decisions without including the people who need to be involved.

It is essential to include the right people in order to make the plan work.

Speak business language.

The language of business should be used for planning discussions.

Managers should be able to communicate in a language that is relevant to their business (Blaxter 2010, Blaxter).

To achieve the desired results, he should ensure that all stakeholders understand what he is saying.

iii. Define, evaluate and present alternative options.

In his planning process, the manager should present alternatives to executives.

This would ensure they make the right decisions.

Managers should be prepared to discuss with executives the options available.

This will allow them to work together in the planning process.

Steps for BC-MAR HIT Design

In order to get their advice, the project manager should include the design consultants.

So that they can help him plan, he should include them in the activities he is doing.

Prepare the design management plan.

To ensure that the project manager knows what to do next, he should prepare the management plan.

This will make it easier for him to carry out his tasks.

The project manager must also identify any risks associated with the design.

This will allow him to plan how he will continue the project.

Steps for BC-MAR HIT Selection

Identifying the decision makers is the first step in the selection process.

The project manager should first identify the decision-makers to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved in the hospital.

This will help to avoid delays in implementation and improve the selection of BC-MAR systems.

Also, the project manager must clarify the goals.

To improve the selection process, he should make sure that the organization’s goals are clearly defined.

Identify your requirements.

The project manager must determine the organizational administrative and clinical needs.

This would enable him to facilitate the selection process.

Steps in BC-MAR HIT Implementation

The project manager must first establish the goal.

Managers should have an idea of the objectives they want to achieve.

The manager should establish the correct implementation objectives to make it possible for him achieve this goal.

Plan the process implementation.

Plan the implementation of the process. This will allow the project manager to plan how he will go about it.

He should create a plan to guide him in the implementation of the information systems within the healthcare institution.

Executing the process is the third step of the implementation process.

The project manager must ensure that the process is put into practice.

To ensure that the process is successful, he should implement it in the healthcare facility.

This would ensure that the implementation activity is completed successfully.

Steps in BC-MAR HIT Integration

First, the manager must select the members of the process integration team.

The manager should choose the people who will be involved in the integration process.

This would make it simple for the manager to integrate without too many difficulties.

The second step of the integration process is to select BC-MAR process.

To make it easy for him to do so, the manager should choose what he wants to incorporate (Marsch and co-authors 2015).

So that he can do it easily, he should be able to identify what he wants in the healthcare institution.

The third step is to list the scenario of the integration process.

The project manager must ensure that he has listed the scenario for the integration.

He should know the details of the integration process.

This would ensure that the process manager does not face any difficulties during implementation.

Steps in BC-MAR HIT Testing

The system test plan is the first thing that the project manager should do in BC-MAR testing.

This plan will help him to know what to do next.

Before he starts the testing activity, he should prepare a plan. This will allow him to outline the steps he will take.

The creation of system test case is another step the project manager must take.

To make the testing process easier, he should create all the cases.

The cases should be ready for testing so that he can easily complete the process.

The third step the project manager must take is to create test data for system testing.

This data will help him to carry out the testing activities easily.

The project manager must create test data to guide him through the entire process (Sharkey and co. 2007, 2007).

This data would allow him to plan how he will test the software without too much strain.

Steps in BC-MAR HIT Evaluation

The project manager must first create an evaluation team.

This team will assist him in the process of evaluating.

iii) Next, the manager should identify performance measures.

In the evaluation process, the project manager must identify the performance measures.

The project manager should also establish guidelines for feedback.

After evaluation, the project manager must know how to receive feedback.

Steps in the BC-MAR HIT Maintenance/Support

Planning is the first step to system support.

Planning is the first step in system support.

The analysis is the second stage of system support.

The analysis will help the project manager determine the root cause of the problem.

System design is the next step in maintenance.

In order to improve support, the project manager should implement system design.

This diagram illustrates how medication is administered to patients when they visit a healthcare facility.

This diagram is similar to the other in that both show the medication process.

Both show how healthcare staff use the available facilities to fulfill their duties and provide the best care for patients.

They demonstrate how BC-MAR can be used in hospitals to ensure that patients receive the correct medication (Richins 2015).

They also demonstrate how healthcare professionals can use technology to achieve the best possible results.

Medical administration diagrams show how medicine is administered to patients after they have gone through the required medical process.

BC-MAR describes the possible workflow for administering medication in small hospitals.

This paper describes how HIT is used to improve patient care in small hospitals.

As technology advances, health information technology will be used more often in the future.

Both the diagram and the topic indicate that HIT is used to ensure patients receive the best medical care at the hospitals they visit.

Hospitals can achieve their strategic goals by using BC-MAR in a variety of ways.

Information technology can be used to provide medical care to patients. This is one way to use the system.

If hospitals use the most recent information technology, they can achieve their strategic goals (Spekowius & Wendler 2007).

Health professionals can make use of the latest technology to achieve their strategic goals for providing health care.

BC-MAR will help professionals to get the most recent developments in technology.

BC-MAR is also useful for medical professionals.

Health care professionals can make adjustments and plan for changes in the future.

The hospital can also plan for their future (Duplaga & Zielinski, 2006).

They can, for example, plan what they will accomplish within a year.

BC-MAR allows medical professionals to plan their work within a set time frame.

They can accomplish many activities within a limited time frame that will help them achieve their goals and improve patient outcomes.

Health professionals can use the system to help them achieve their strategic goals.

The system can help them learn the best methods to achieve their goals.

Health professionals can learn from the system how they can achieve their goals.

BC-MAR is a quick way for health professionals to learn.

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