HCMG101 Health Care Systems


Your transcripts should include explanations for any failures or withdrawals.


1. Students can withdraw from the PA program at any point during the course.

The student must send an email or a written notice to the director of PA program. It should include the reason for withdrawing.

To withdraw, the student must follow any available procedures. This includes filling out a withdrawal form online.

The student might need to pick up the form at the Registrar’s Office in some cases.

It is important to note that the student must withdraw from all college courses if he or she decides to withdraw.

You must sign the form and return it to the registrar.

Students who withdraw from the PA course may apply to reapply for the next matriculation (Stfrancis.edu 2018, 2018).

A leave of absence is another term that is associated with the PA course.

Students who need to be absent due to a prolonged illness or personal reason may request a leave of absence.

Students may have personal issues such as problems with their families, medical emergencies of their parents, or health concerns of relatives.

To request a leave of absence, the student must first apply to the PA program Director. This would require a written application.

The college dean must approve the application.

The dean of the college may accept a leave of absence for up to 1 year (in the case of didactic phase) and for 2 continuous clinical rotations during the clinical phase.

The Didactic phase refers to a short-term leave of absence that lasts for 2 weeks or more.

The student must present a doctor’s medical certificate and indicate the tentative date for returning to the course.

Students are responsible for any missed classes, lectures or assignments.

The time limit for long-term absence is 2 weeks.

The course is extremely fast and the student will not be able to catch it if he or she takes a long-term leave.

All course consequences will be repeated by returning students to PA courses.

They must also complete the reentry process. It is essential that they pass all courses.

The reentry course grades won’t replace the PA course grades.

The tuition fees will be canceled until the student returns to quarter where declaration is required.

The leave may be approved for up to 6 weeks in the case of clinical phases.

Short term leave is not allowed for clinical phases as they require hourly rotations.

If the student has to take a leave, the rotational program will be cancelled and must be rescheduled.

Students are advised not to request leave of absence for more then two consecutive rotations in the clinical year (Stfrancis.edu 2018, 2018).

2.Physician assistants, also known as PAs, are part of the medical team that diagnoses and manages various illnesses.

They are responsible for prescribing the medicines and developing treatment plans.

Most cases show that they provide primary care to the patients.

The physician assistant field has been growing rapidly in recent years. PAs are now considered a vital part of the patient’s health care.

PAs are licensed doctors who practice medicine and provide care for patients in many areas, including primary care and surgical care (Pace.edu (2018)).

As a PA is a noble profession, it is my dream job. They are also responsible for providing care in a variety of ways.

A PA program will enable me to interact with many types of people. I am a communicator and this will make me a good fit for the PA role.

A PA can also prescribe medication, which will enable me to help more people.

PAs can also be involved in the physical examination of patients, order and interpret pathological lab reports, counsel patients, and diagnose illness.

This is the type of job that I find most appealing and why PA programs are a great choice for me.

There are also many opportunities that can be found in research, administration, and academia.

It can be said that a multipurpose job profile, the nobility of my job, and the huge future prospects will motivate me to choose the PA program.

The program will also allow me to develop and grow professionally, which will help me in my healthcare career.

The program will help me to grow and diversify my skills and capabilities, giving me a competitive edge and helping me climb the ladder to success.

The program will also help me to understand healthcare administration concepts and how strategic decisions can improve healthcare.

As a physician assistant, I can help maintain the quality of patient care. This will allow me to play a critical role in providing quality care and upholding the obligations of the healthcare organisation towards its patients.

This role allows me to help the welfare of people and allow them to have better healthcare delivery. I can also contribute to the development of social capital and equitable care.

I am driven to help others, which is one of my greatest motivations for working in the healthcare industry. This program will not only help me achieve professional development but also personal development.


College Of Health Professions.

Withdrawal or Leave to Absence.

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