GMC Hummer, electric, four-wheel drive, green.  We see it from a front quarter corner, turning slightly to the left.

The GMC Hummer EV is the most unbelievable car, but it went triple platinum. Not only was the 9,000-pound electric truck sold. GMC has a “two or more” mega off-road slate, says brand president Duncan Aldred.

The company stopped taking orders for the Hummer Pickup and SUV in September because they had amassed more than 90,000 orders. Now, Aldred told GM, the company can give a rough estimate of the time to liquidate the backlog.

The site says, “General Motors has only produced 2,570 units of the Hummer EV Pickup as of September 2022, a far cry from the 90,000 units needed just to meet reservations.” However, the Michigan location where GM makes the truck, known as Factory Zero, is making it faster.

The Hummer is the only GM electric truck in customer hands, but it could be one of three in a year’s time. It is planning a Chevy Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV for 2024.

Aside from the electric drivetrains, these two trucks are traditional pickup trucks. Hummer is another thing.

Available as a pickup or SUV, it’s a luxury ride and ultra-capable off-road vehicle. Equipped with a 360-degree camera around the vehicle and under the body and a four-wheel steering system that allows it to go sideways, the Hummer can get out of almost any situation on the road.

The first round of the GMC Hummers is the most luxurious—a special launch edition that costs around $112,000. Lower versions were available for about $87,000 until GM halted orders due to the heap size.

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