Eid gift guide for car loversWhether you’re checking your holiday shopping list or planning a gift for another special occasion, there are endless gift options for the car owners in your life. The editors of Kelley Blue Book have compiled a list of their favorite vehicle accessories and add-ons. Keep reading for a roundup of gift ideas for car lovers, driving enthusiasts, and commuters alike.

Platinum Buffalo

Platinum Pluffle Car Cover Drying Towel.

Rag company calls a name Platinum Buffalo Towels “One of the most high quality detailing towels ever produced.” Made of plush and waffle fabric, they are great for dusting your dashboard and interior surfaces.

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resqme® car escape tool

resqme . survival tool

This American-made tool pierces seat belts and breaks emergency ‘counting the seconds’ glass windows. This 2-in-1 survival device was created for first responders and is now widely available for anyone to be prepared for emergency and rescue situations.

All-weather floor mats

Choice of mats for all weather

Traditional cloth mats can be difficult to clean and deteriorate over time. All-weather versions Made of solid materials with non-slip backing they are great for drivers who visit the beach, live in snowy climates, hiking trails, or frequent campers. Keeping a set of rubber mats available for use in these situations reduces the time it takes to clean up afterwards.

ice scraper dead

Where there is snow, there is ice. Drivers in cold, inclement-prone regions understand the difficulty of defrosting windshields on very cold days. “The Ice Scraper Glove helps keep your hands protected and warm while the job gets done,” said Rene Valdez, senior advice editor at Kelley Blue Book. “When It’s cold outside, there’s no better way to scrape ice or remove snow from your windshield. “

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trunk liners

Remember that the rear areas of your car can get dirty. Valdes suggests considering WeatherTech custom liners to your bag or cargo area. They help contain spills when transporting groceries, plants, landscaping supplies, and other messy goods.

car trunk organizer

Taft Viking Large Luggage Box Organizer Includes a leak-proof, insulated cooler bag which is excellent for transporting larger quantities of groceries. It prevents products and other items from rolling in the back of the trunk or hatch and keeps everything upright, so nothing spills or crashes.

Tire size

Optimum tire inflation helps ensure proper handling and safety on the road, and every driver needs a high-quality tire gauge to accurately measure air pressure. Don’t rely on ineffective gauges built into air pumps at gas stations. Head to an auto parts store and pick up an easy-to-read digital scale with a glow-in-the-dark face for nighttime use. Kelley Blue Book video editor Lyn Woodward is an off-road expert and recommends ARB gauges and compressors for off-road drivers who reduce tire pressure to improve grip.

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transit cables

Crossing cables next to the engine room

If you’ve been stranded in a parking lot with an empty battery, you know how important it is to have jumper cables easy. “Be sure to choose a set with a thicker gauge,” said Chris Hardesty, senior advice editor at Kelley Blue Book. “Look for 8- or 6-gauge cables that are heavy enough to start most passenger cars. Avoid the thin cables that often come in pre-made vehicle emergency kits.”

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Jump-Starter / Battery Charger

Take another step beyond the cable assembly and consider giving portable jump start or portable battery charger For the people you care about, including you. It’s easy to find them for under $100 and top up dead batteries to get back on the road. It is especially useful when there is no other vehicle nearby to help get off. “The startup came in handy when our car battery was on its way out,” said Elaine Addends, director of SEO. “We needed an extra shake to get started so we could replace the battery. We also used it to charge our devices.”

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Tire Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor that pumps air into a car tire.

Some portable starter units double as portable air compressors, which can help if a flat tire is stranded in an uncomfortable or dangerous location. This model is owned by Senior Tips Editor Hardisty by DeWalt. It has enough power to jump over most vehicles, and it can pump air back into your tire so you can move the vehicle to a safe location to put it on for parts or call for help. Helpful tip: Make a habit of charging the unit on the first of every month to make sure it’s ready to go when you need it, Hardisty says.

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waterproof gloves

Those who wash their cars regularly should consider a Waterproof kenai glove. Trevor Spedden, Kelley Blue Book SEO content analyst and auto detailing expert, loves the glove’s durability and functionality. Spedden says they keep your hands from drying out, provide a proper grip, and are easy to take on and off.

Optimum No Rinse, Wash & Shine

their optimal claims No Rinse, Wash and Shine It will “reduce water use to a small fraction of a traditional car wash.” It is not necessary to rinse with water and dry it until you get a shiny, streak-free finish. Spedden suggests that the product is an excellent addition to a car enthusiast’s detail arsenal.

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phone mount

Many states now have dispersed driving laws, but standard phone mounts can be difficult to install or obstruct your view of the road. Spedden recommends CupFoneAnd the Which generally fits most cup holders and is fully adjustable.

Michelle Clark, Director of Content, SEO and Distribution at Kelley Blue Book, prefers a magnetic phone holder. It should be secured with a vent, but it attaches to your phone more easily than the clip-on version. “The 3-point vent hook secures the magnet much better than any other phone holder I’ve ever gotten on my 2016 Ford Escape,” Clark said. “None of the others will remain safe (in the vertical vents)”.

drop stop

Fill the gap in the car

The drop stop A device that attaches to the base of the seat belt to bridge the gap between the console and the seat. If you drop keys, phone, snacks, etc., instead of falling between the console, it “stops” at the pillow.

car cleaning gel

It’s no surprise that the Kelley Blue Book team pays attention to detail and enjoys sharing tips on car ownership – and car cleanliness. Melissa Fach, SEO Content Manager, and Tessa Nadec, Senior SEO Content Manager, recommend this cleaning gel for small cracks and crevices. Fach says the gel makes it easy to “get all the contaminants out of hard-to-reach areas,” like vents and around the transmission.

tonneau cover

The BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover It is one of the most expensive items on this list, but it is a great gift for the truck owner in your life. Helps protect items in the trunk of a truck from theft from water damage and creates a sleek, seamless look along the rear of the vehicle.

car seat covers

Everything new families need in the car

Protect your seats from pet hair, drool and scratches with a waterproof seat cover. These also help keep pet odors away from the upholstery. It is washable and can be folded for easy storage. Car seat covers are an excellent gift for all types of drivers, not just pet owners. A good kit can give your car a facelift, and the waterproof versions protect the upholstery from drink spills and stains.

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rooftop cargo carrier

Large families taking road trips may benefit from rooftop cargo carrier. Conveyors allow you to pack luggage on top of the car, while reserving space in the cabin for everyone to sit comfortably. There are options for vehicles with and without a roof rack.

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leather steering wheel cover

Austin Morris, Advice Editor, and Shawn Tucker, Senior News Editor, both recommend leather steering wheel cover. “It adds a personal touch, and can cover any worn or damaged stitching” over original factory materials, Morris said.

shift knobs

Tucker also suggests a file shift knob It is a great gift for car owners. “The easiest way to quickly change the feel of your car is to update the control surfaces,” he says. “A custom gear shift knob is a simple way to make your vehicle feel customized.”

ratchet and socket set

Compact Ratchet Set

this is 46-piece ratchet and socket set Small and compact enough to fit in your seat and useful for auto repairs. It is also good to have on hand for other unexpected needs.

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Shipping Center

New car owners can charge their phones using multiple USB ports throughout the cabin. Meanwhile, the classics do not have any charging ports, and many newer cars may have only one port on the front. But what about the rear passengers? a charger hub It plugs into a DC port and can charge up to four devices simultaneously. This is especially useful on long trips and road trips with family or friends.

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portable impact wrench

Milwaukee brand impact switch.

Andy Bornhop, senior car reviews editor at Kelley Blue Book, suggests gifting a handy tool to help with inappropriate business of car ownership. “If you have to change a tire on the side of the road, a portable impact wrench It will save you a lot of time.” Keep the tool’s battery charged to instantly help loosen tight wheel nuts and make it easier to change the tire often. The Bornhop pick has an LED light that aids in night use.

smart car interior lights

Interior LED lights Liven up your road trips and local driving with fun colours. These interior ambient lights are fully customizable using the color wheel and can be controlled using the remote control or via an app on your smartphone.

Chemical Guys Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

Chemical Guys air fresheners.

Over 32,000 customer reviews make it hard to overlook Chemical Guys air fresheners. Tessa Nadec of Kelley Blue Book admits she’s not a fan of most fragrances and air fresheners, but says Chemical Guys’ products are “amazing.” She loves signature scents and leather, and describes the “new car” scent as “a clean scent that isn’t overpowering.”

custom car cover

Custom car cover on a classic pickup truck

California Car Cover Company Manufactures custom car covers for all types of vehicles. The high-quality, multi-layer versions start at $179. The covers are a great gift for drivers who don’t have a garage but want to protect their vehicle from harsh sunlight or harsh weather conditions.

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Meguiar’s Tailoring Kit

A selection of Meguiar's car cleaning products.

The Complete car care kit From Meguiar’s comes with products for both enthusiasts and professionals. The company says its products make for “the perfect car gift set for the car fanatic in your life, even if you’re a fan of that car!” Several of our editors agree with the manufacturer’s claim. You (or the gift recipient) can replenish the stock of individual products if the starter kit is not needed.

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Gift cards and certificates

If you still can’t decide what to give the car lover in your life, choose a gift card for their favorite car dealership. Many oil change shops, car washes, and detailer companies offer gift certificates as well.

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