GENE 205 Advanced Genetics


Discuss ethical and social issues surrounding “direct to consumer genetic test.”

The discussion should be based on the perspective of the individual who submits genetic testing via “23 & Me” or “ancestry”.

Com and discovers that he/she is not related to any of the parents, or has unknown relatives such as a half-sister.

Are these companies offering couseling services?

What are the ethical and social implications of these findings?

This discussion is open to creativity and can be written in first person.

It is stated that you must find your topic.

It is important to describe it.

Next, discuss the ethical and social issues surrounding your topic.


Medical science has seen a revolution in its scope and importance, with genetic research playing a key role.

Personalized genetic medicine, a medical innovation that has the potential for improving the success rate of treatment modalities, is Nussbaum McInnes & Willard 2007.

Genetic testing is now a common practice. There are many software programs that can be used to perform genetic testing.

’23andme’ and ‘ are two of the many sources that offer clients the possibility to perform genetic testing and family history analysis.

There are many ethical, social, and moral issues that come with family history analysis and genetic testing.

The discussion will focus on one ethical and social problem associated with family history analysis using a case study.

This assignment is about a client who used 23 and Me to create a family tree. He discovered new relatives, a half-sister, and different parents.

It is important to mention that such revelations can be quite shocking for clients and may require psychological support in the form one-to-one counselling.

The genetic counsellors help clients to understand the results and come to terms with them (Nussbaum McInnes & Willard 2007).

The genetic counsellors can also help clients deal with any negative effects that the genetic testing could have on them, such as impending illness, having different birth parents, or having a half-sister. This was the case in our case.

A genetic counselling session is essential after a genetic test has been completed. “23 and Me” also offers the opportunity to get genetic counsellor assistance.

The “23 and Me” website has a link to the National Society of Genetic Counsellors (NSGC) which provides clients with the ability to locate a genetic counselor in their local area ( 2018, 2018).

The ethical and social implications of genetic testing must be considered when analyzing the results.

Genetic testing can have ethical implications. This is because confidentiality and autonomy are at risk.

In the context of genetic testing, autonomy refers to the individual’s right to make an informed decision about whether or not they wish to be tested. Then, they can find out the results.

The violation of privacy and breach of confidentiality is another important aspect of genetic testing and family analysis.

In this context, it is important to mention that genetic information and family histories analysis are sensitive information. Genetic testing can often put private information at risk and violate confidentiality ( 2018, 2018).

Consider the social implications of genetic testing results. It is possible to be discriminated against or stigmatized by the information.

In this case, the client discovered that she had a new identity due to her different birth parents and half-sister. This can lead to significant social changes for the client and may even impact her understanding of her culture.

The impact of genetic testing opens up endless possibilities for personalized medicine, which in turn expands the scope of gene research.

Agency like 23 and Me allows the society to examine their family history and genetic traits in an easy format. They also offer support with genetic counselling.

However, it is important to place greater emphasis on the social and ethical aspects of genetic testing and family histories analysis due to the multitude of issues that such revelations can cause in clients’ lives.

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