GCNNK1 Nursing Knowledge


It will provide an environment for experiential learning that will help to consolidate and integrate programme modules.

This module is intended to give the learner the opportunity to work in an experiential learning environment that will consolidate and integrate the programme modules.

Use the knowledge and skills you have acquired in previous modules

Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the host organization, its goals, business model, and management systems

Discuss a management-related business topic with the college and organisation.

Discuss, write, and present material that communicates ideas, insights, and analysis. Then, reflect back on the process and learn from it.

In a group setting, demonstrate enhanced communication, interpersonal and organisational skills, and build self-confidence.

To successfully complete the learning outcomes and pass the work-based learning module, learners must perform the following tasks:

Identify the appropriate organization and agree on a topic. Have it approved by College Coordinator.

Participate in a pre-placement workshop that culminates in the submission and approval of individual Learning Objectives before the work-based learning period begins.

Submit a detailed, work-based learning report.

Present the learnings from the work-based experience.



This is a work-based learning report that was based on Dahlia Shoe Boutique in Ranelagh.

Rachel O’Bryne, who has extensive experience in retail shops, owns Dahlia.

Rachel O’Bryne was a lawyer and trained in law. In 2008, she opened Dahlia shoe Boutique. This decision was motivated by her passion for beautiful shoes.

The boutique stocks a unique selection of shoes, jewelry, bags, and hosiery (Yellow).

Since my placement, I have been here.

I am responsible for all activities at the shoe shop, including closing and opening, stock taking, among other things.

There are some problems that could slow down the growth and development. For example, the shop uses an old-fashioned setup. It used a hand-written receipt system, a hand-written stock record, and a hand-written till.

It also has a very limited online presence that isn’t well managed.

Although Dahlia Shoe Boutique has a loyal customer base in Dublin, most people are not aware that it does not sell online.

This report will discuss online selling and how Dahlia Shoe Boutique management can use the online platform to increase sales and grow their business.

Online selling

Aldrich (2011) defines online selling, also known as “e-commerce”, as transactions that are conducted over the internet.

E-commerce may be the exchange of goods or services for other goods and/or services.

Online selling can be done via traditional websites, social media platforms, mobile and tablet apps, as well as traditional websites.

Ecommerce was first introduced 40 years ago. It has continued to grow with current innovations.

Ecommerce was first introduced in 1970 and has significantly improved safety, convenience, and user experience (Miva).

According to iShift Staff (2010) electronic commerce has changed and many businesses have moved from the traditional real-time market to the digital one.

The new trading model is not widely available to all businesses. They are also subject to stiff competition from other traders.

Economists believe that online sales have increased price competition. This is primarily due to the ability of customers to obtain information about prices and products.

Ecommerce is a business that involves individuals or small businesses. Buyers and sellers, as well as other people involved in the transaction, rely heavily on internet-based technology.

Online business allows businesses to transact business and communicate at any time and anywhere (Laudon, et al.

Online businesses have made it easier to conduct business overseas. This has given both consumers and businesses around the world the opportunity to become suppliers and customers.

The political and physical barriers to business development have been eliminated. Online selling gives everyone an equal chance in the market.

Customers can buy products or services directly from sellers online using a web browser.

E-commerce is a key component of modern business.

Many companies have websites that showcase their products, making it easier for customers to search for the product they are looking for.

Customers can also visit other websites to compare prices and quality before purchasing the product (Aldrich 2011,).

Online shopping is possible with a variety of computers, including desktops, laptops and smartphones, as well as tablets.

Online stores offer customers the ability to browse their vast selection of products and services. They also provide photos of the products as well as detailed information about the specifications, features, and prices.

Customers can also get recommendations from others who have purchased the product or used the service before, which allows them to make an informed choice about which product or service they want to purchase.

The staff at the store cannot provide such detailed information.

Customers can shop online for the products and services they require. This is especially true when they are purchasing products that aren’t available locally.

Online customers can purchase a large variety of products in a short amount of time, which saves time.

Customers can often find discounts and sales promotions online, which makes it more affordable.

Ecommerce is a great way to increase the distribution of products to customers.

Ecommerce can increase sales, reduce costs and improve profits.

Because many people can access the internet to find out if a business exists and what products or services it offers, this is possible.

Millions of people use the internet to search for products and services every day (Richardson 2013, 2013).

Ecommerce transactions have been growing in popularity each year. This is because it doesn’t limit you by time or geographic location and allows for easy purchase of goods and services.

Ecommerce offers businesses a variety of sales and marketing techniques that can be used to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Online Selling: The Advantages

Online businesses are more cost-effective than offline businesses in terms of setting up and maintaining a business.

It is much cheaper to build a website than renting or building a physical store.

An automated sales system allows an organization to sell online. This reduces the amount of staff required to run their business and saves on wages, salaries, and other business expenses.

The business can also save money by developing an ecommerce website, and increasing the number of products and services it offers its customers (Richardson 2013, 2013).

Online selling is possible from any location.

Online business isn’t restricted by geographical boundaries.

Any business owner can run his or her business successfully from anywhere in the world, provided they have access to the internet, email and a computer.

Online websites can help you determine which products are most popular and increase your stock.

The management can also come up with new ways to diversify and develop a large range of products that they will sell on their website (Teriz 2011, 2011).

The business can increase the number of products it sells to customers, which in turn will lead to increased sales and customer base.

Richardson (2013) states that online selling is not limited to a specific time frame.

Customers can visit the business’s website at any time of day by using an online selling platform.

This will increase the business’s sales and profits.

You can do this by offering special deals to customers, as well as marketing strategies that will expand your customer base.

Teriz (2011) states that cross-selling and upselling are the two most popular strategies for online selling.

Upselling is when the business offers products that are directly related the customers’ selected products.

These products are often very affordable, which is why customers choose to buy them.

This allows for more sales and therefore greater profits.

Cross selling encourages customers to purchase additional products, which in turn increases their spending.

Cross selling allows customers to be introduced to other products and products that might meet their needs.

These practices increase the revenue and sales of the company.

Online selling gives businesses the opportunity to use a variety of powerful marketing strategies that will help attract more customers. They can also encourage conversation on their website, which will allow them to negotiate with customers. This will increase the number of customers who visit the site and convert them to buyers.

Online selling is easier to track than other sales methods.

Google Analytics makes it possible to track the websites of e-commerce sites.

The business can view its own statistics, which include the number of orders processed on the website, cart total, cart abandonment rates, and total revenue made by the company at any time.

It is a more efficient and easy way to keep business records (Qin, et al.

E-commerce websites offer a lower cost advertising option for businesses.

Ecommerce News (2015) states that this can significantly increase the company’s customer base, especially if the organization uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to improve its website ranking in search engines.

SEO can be used to increase customer traffic to the company’s website.

Online selling requires less time, according to Nadu (2016).

It takes very little time to set up and run an ecommerce site.

The online system makes it easy for customers to place orders and pay without the seller’s attention.

The online system will allow the company’s management ample time to decide on new products and special offers that will appeal to more customers.

Online selling makes it easier to track the trends and identify the most popular products and increase their supply.

Online selling allows organizations to sell products at a higher margin due to the lower operational costs. This increases their profits.

The customer pays 100%, which increases the organization’s cash flow.

Online selling gives the company the opportunity to reach global markets, increasing its market share.

Online shopping is now possible for millions of people all around the globe. They can access the internet anywhere in the world, and they can easily purchase goods from any country (Pappas 2016, 2016).

Wills (2014) says that e-commerce is preferred by many customers around the globe. They also enjoy shopping online because it’s easy.

They don’t have to leave their home to buy products. It is possible to do so from the comfort of their own homes.

Online shopping is also flexible as they can order good at any hour of the day.

Update Tools in the Shop

Chen (2016) states that people are the most important determinant of sales. However, businesses should not ignore the tools they use to help their salespeople work more efficiently.

Data storage, automation, and integration are key to making the work easier, more satisfying customers, and increasing the company’s profit.

Timely.com (2017) states that it is crucial to adopt digital systems which are changing the way businesses work and to get rid of paper-based systems.

Dahlia Shoe Boutique uses the traditional method of keeping records, which is less efficient and more accurate.

The digital system can be used to replace the paper system and save time. This will reduce the overall cost.

When comparing the costs of the paper system to the digital system, most people forget to account the time it takes to create duplicates and read information.

This means that people must do the work, which can end up costing more than the software subscriptions required to do the same job.


My time at Dahlia Shoe Boutique was filled with observations. I identified several issues that the company needs to address to grow their business.

Online selling is becoming a popular option as the business faces stiff competition from similar businesses.

Dahlia needs to establish an ecommerce website so customers can view the products they sell and make purchases without having to physically visit the shop.

This will allow the nosiness to compete effectively with other competitors in Dublin and other parts of the nation.

Website information for the organization is very limited. It provides very little information about the company and products they sell.

Dahlia should spend money on upgrading their website. This will allow them to provide more information about the company and the products that they sell.

SEO should be used to promote the website. This will help increase traffic to the site and in turn, increase customer base.

I noticed that the company still uses outdated systems to keep stock records.

This system is slow and prone to errors.

The traditional business system of recording information is not very easy to access, making it difficult to find information in the future.

It is also difficult to keep track of every sale record when there are so many customers.

Management should consider setting up a digital record-keeping system that will not only save time but also make it easier to keep information.

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