Fiat 500e concept designed by the design house of Giorgio Armani

Fiat is a car brand in Europe, dating back to 1899 and an iconic model – the Fiat 500 – marketed in more than 100 countries. But Fiat’s few U.S. dealerships are hanging by a fraying thread, with the beloved 500X small SUV only sold for the entire 2022 model year.

In October, Fiat dealerships sold 59 of them nationwide. Ford sells more F-150 pickups in the average hour.

Fiat dealerships desperately need a lifeline. The company announced today that the company will be trying to give them one. Fiat is bringing an all-electric version of its iconic 500 to America for the 2024 model year.

“The new 500e is more than just a car. It’s a social project to satisfy America’s desire for change towards sustainable mobility,” says Olivier François, CEO of Fiat. “We want to introduce America to electric vehicles through our icon, the Fiat 500, because it’s the right thing to do.” which must be done.”

Fiat 500e concept designed by Kartell

Francois spoke at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. But he promised Fiat will unveil the American version of the car in Next years Los Angeles Auto Show.

Three designer concepts

In the meantime, he appeared with three one-off designed versions of the current car sold in Europe. Among them were:

  • A customized version of the haute couture house of Giorgio Armani. It features the body of the car laser etched with thousands of microchevrons to bring it as close as possible to the three dimensions of the canvas
  • 500e by Kartell in metal, glass, rubber and plastic all ‘color subtitled’ – the trademark medium blue
  • The 500e by Bulgari design is coated with gold powder recovered from the jewelry production process

Fiat 500e concept designed by Bulgari

Fiat previously sold an electric 500e through 2019. François didn’t provide any mechanical details of the new 500e we’ll see in the US next year. The current version of the car sold in Europe only offers 118 horsepower. But the kart’s small size and tight handling reportedly make it a pleasure to drive at city speeds.

It’s certified for up to 199 miles of range between charges in European testing. But tests routinely conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency return much shorter ranges.

Fiat will likely draw on parent company Stellantis’ expertise to increase those numbers before bringing the 500e to the US market.

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