2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Front Quarter Corner

2023 will be the last year for both the big rear-wheel drive Dodges, the Charger and the Challenger. The automaker behind the Muscle Brothers is celebrating their way out with a series of limited-edition specials called the Last Call Series. It is for sale now.

They take their inspiration from Dodges of historical interest and include:

Dodge says a seventh model will be revealed later this year.

Dodge Charger Super B 2023 Wide Body in Purple Shadow Dodge called Bloom Crazy

In the car chaos of 2022, we are all used to the idea that cars are hard to find and often have to be ordered before they are built. But Dodge doesn’t sell the Last Call series that way.

Instead, they’re treated like special-edition record store day drum presses, or as Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis told us, “like a sneaker drop.” It will be sent to the agents. Shoppers can buy them there.

To make the process transparent, Dodge has posted a “horsepower determination tool” on its Dodge Garage website. The locator keeps track of where to find each one. A few people may be allowed to place an order – the site says that “almost” all models are dedicated to Dodge dealers.

As 2023 vehicle orders are processed by dealers, the corresponding drop in vehicle customization available on the horsepower locator will be updated,” the site says, “keeping enthusiasts up to date on the exact number of each model and trim level still available to order.” “

Charger price and last call:

Dodge also charges $1,595 for vehicle delivery.

Model MSRP
Challenger Shkedon $63,590
Super B charger 61805 dollars
Challenger Skatback Swinger $66,190
Scat Pack Swinger Charger $69,690
King Daytona Charger $98,420
Challenger Super B $99,315

dodge electric future

What would Dodge, the band most closely associated with the V8, do without it? Did you think Dodge recently showed off an electric muscle car, complete with a scary rev sound and an actual transmission?

It’s not a production car yet, but it’s an indication of where they’re going next. Skeptics are everywhere. But we are intrigued.

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