BSBREL401 Establish Networks

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As a Solutions Architect at M2M Solutions you will be leading a team that includes several system administrators.

M2M Solutions is a medium-sized company and is expanding its operations.

Six sites have been purchased by the company to house its different departments. You are asked to create a network using private Internet address.

To join the networks, the network must span six buildings and have a router in every building.

Each building should have its own subnet. The company expects around 1200 workstations across all sites. These numbers are approximated as follows:

Finance Office – 130 Workstations

Transport Office – 135 Workstations

Research Office – 280 Workstations

Sales Office – 50 Workstations

Information technology – 620 Workstations

Head Office – 60 Workstations

Task – The company policy currently prohibits the use of network analysts on the organisational networks.

Recently, a team meeting was held where all staff agreed that network analysers could be more efficient in troubleshooting.

A manager inquired about the possibility of using protocol analyzer.

Managers who are not IT-savvy should be able to understand the similarities and differences between protocol analyser and network.

For the board of directors, write a report of 800 words 10% proposing that network analysts be allowed to diagnose new network architectures.

Include the following:

A brief explanation of protocol and its role in communication networks.

An example of where network analysts can be used in Task 1 should be included as part of the explanation.

Analyse of all currently available network analyzer tools.

This analysis should include:

Benefits, associated expenses, and ease of use

Your recommendation on which tool you would prefer to use and why.


(A) Explanation of Protocol and The Role Of Network Analysts

A protocol in Information Technology is a unique arrangement of rules that focuses on media transmission.

When we communicate via the internet, or within our company network, we always use a protocol (Al-Fuqaha & Guizani 2015).

Protocols allow for collaboration between communicating elements.

There are many ways computers can communicate. Therefore, protocols include PPP, HTTP/IP and FTP.

Sometimes, a network analyzer can also be called a protocol analyzer and packet analyzer.

Network analyzers are a combination of hardware, programs, and even standalone gadgets that can be installed in a computer network. This is done to enhance and protect the network from any malicious activity.

A network analyzer, however, is not meant to replace antivirus software, firewalls, or anti-spyware programmes, regardless of how it decreases the likelihood of such attacks (Nelson 2017, 2017).

Over the last few years, more people have realized how critical network analyzers were for their networks.

This understanding is slowly disappearing as networks have become more sophisticated and complex.

This is likely due to the rapid growth of network analyzers and the belief that networks can heal themselves.

They don’t heal themselves, trust me.

Any network that has network analyzer software must be implemented.

A network administrator and a doctor are two examples of people who need network analyzers.

Both are highly educated.

Both the doctor and the network administrator are responsible for saving human lives.

When you present with symptoms of a disease to a doctor, they don’t just look at you from a distance and tell you what kind of illness it is.

They will need to run several tests to gather more information, and then make an informed and correct decision based on those results.

This is the same scenario as a network administrator trying to figure out what is wrong with their network.

Perhaps it suddenly stops pinging other workstations, or is slowing down.

Network engineers should not just try to figure out what is wrong or guess at the root cause.

They must identify the problem, determine the root cause and then come up with a solution.

A doctor who is committed to keeping you healthy and efficient will need to use multiple tools such as Xrays, EKGs, and many others.

He will respond quickly if he discovers something unusual.

You are probably in the same position with your network. Why not use a network traffic analyzer to manage network traffic?

This would make network monitoring faster, more effective and better.

Any changes to your network will be detected much earlier than they become serious problems by using a toll.

This will save the company valuable time and money by not requiring costly and time-consuming resources.

Analysis of the Currently Available Network Analyzer Tool.

There are many network analyzers on the market today.

Among the many options available, Wireshark and Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool(NAST), Zenmap, Angry IP Scanner and JDSU Network Analyzer Fast Ethernet are some of the best.

Wireshark, the most powerful and widely used in IT (Sanders 2017, 2017).

Wireshark offers both a free and a paid version.

It has many important features, including offline analysis and live capture. This tool is also multiplatform and can be installed on Windows, Linux Solaris, OS X and other operating systems.

The graphical interface makes it easy to use, and all captured network data can easily be viewed.

You can also use it to analyze VoIP calls.

NAST is an essential network analyzer tool.

It is capable of capturing network traffic.

This tool allows you to create a LAN hosts listing, search for internet gateways and control arp responses to be able find arp spoofing. You can also log reports and discover promiscuous nosdes.

Zenmap can monitor host uptime and schedule network upgrades.

Zenmap also supports OS detection, version detection, port scanning and full IPv6 support.

These network analyzer tools are all free and can be installed on any network.

Any of the above tools can be used to gather information about your network and fix any major issues.

Wireshark is the final recommendation after examining all the benefits and reasons to implement network analyzer tools into our network.

Any network engineer who is experienced can recommend Wireshark. It is an award-winning tool.

Wireshark is by far the most popular GUI-based open source packet analyzer.

It’s been in the market for more than two decades.

The last stable version of the software was released October 10, 2017 (Ndatinya Xiao Manepalli Meng & Xiao 2015).

We need to modify our organizational policies in order to allow the use of network analyzers within our networks.

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Wireshark is used to analyze network forensics.

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Practical packet analysis: Wireshark is used to solve real-world network issues.

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