BIOL 211 Environmental Science


The population pyramids depict the age structure of a country or area’s inhabitants.

The pyramid is formed by different growth patterns due to varying cultural values, war events, or both.

Draw population pyramids for Indonesia and Ethiopia in this Assignment.

Write a short essay comparing and contrasting the pyramids. Also, explain the reasons for the different shapes of these graphs.

Take into account historical events and current population structures, as well as the impact of past and present events on future population growth.

Which country will experience the largest population growth? Why?

Which countries might be facing the most problems, and why?



A population pyramid is a graphic representation of the sex and age composition of a specific type of population.

A pyramid is the final representation of the structure and age of a particular population.

The representation of may be a pyramid, columnar share or pyramid. It may also have an irregular profile.

The population pyramid shows the age and the population on a horizontal axis.

The age bars are actually stacked one above the other, and the youngest age group is at the bottom (Goldman & Punch 2014).

Comparison of the Population Pyramids Of The Three Countries

United Kingdom- The United Kingdom has a uniform age distribution, starting at infants and ending at adults.

Since the Industrial Revolution, there has been steady growth and plenty of resources.

The United Kingdom’s rich history has given it the opportunity for settlements all over the globe.

The proportion of the elderly population is lower than the percentage of adults and infants.

The population pyramid shows that the burden of the elderly population is not shown in the age structure.

The country has seen steady growth in terms of economic development and social stability.

Ethiopia and Ethiopia are primarily agricultural countries. The majority of Ethiopia’s population lives in rural areas. Ethiopia is currently experiencing a demographic shift.

Ethiopia is experiencing rapid population growth, which is putting a lot of pressure upon natural resources.

A shortage of resources is leading to a shortage in food.

In the past, infant mortality, maternity mortality, and child mortality have all fallen to an alarming level.

This is why the infant population is higher than that of older people (table 2).

From the bottom to top, the proportion of males and females is the same.

The country’s history has seen political repression and drought, as well as forced government settlements.

Figure 2 shows how this has affected the current-day population (Cerulli 2017, 2017).

Indonesia- Indonesia is fourth in terms of population.

The Indonesian population is made up of more than 100 ethnic groups.

Rapid urbanization has contributed to the increase in Indonesia’s population.

Surprisingly, almost two-thirds of the population lives within urban areas.

A striking fact about the age structure is that Indonesia has a large population of young people.

This will ensure that Indonesia has a large future workforce. If educated, they can also obtain higher education.

The median age in Indonesia is 28.6 and this means that the country’s population is half as old as 28.6 (table 3).

It is important to note that the median age for the Indonesian female population is 29 years, while the median age for the male population (figure 3) is 28 years (McDonald 2014).

The highest rate of population growth among the three countries will be in Ethiopia.

It is important to remember that the United Kingdom will experience a greater population growth due to its larger population and geographical location.

The United Kingdom will have to deal with issues related to its ageing population. Therefore, it will experience less population growth.

According to (2018), Ethiopia and Indonesia will be the countries in third world that experience shortages of natural resources.


The population pyramid, which contains the sex and age of each population, is an effective way to represent the demographic data.

The large amount of data from the demographic census can be used to create a graph that will help reveal the type and structure of the population.

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