A rational to support the communication campaign (the poster) which


The poster should contain:

A description of the Promotional Mix theory

Discussion of how selection was made using the promo mix theory

A description of the target audience, and the response desired

A description of the channel chosen and its justification

A description of the communication key message

AIDA marketing theory is used to explain how your promotion and key message will achieve Addison Lee’s objectives

Here’s how feedback is collected

References for academics throughout



Addison Lee, a private hire firm, is based out of London.

This company was founded by John Griffin in 1975, as Pace croft Limited.

The company operates over 4,000 vehicles and generates more than PS900m in annual revenue (Addison Lee 2017, 2017).

Promotional Mix Theory

The promotional mix 4Ps include personal selling, advertising and sales promotion.

It encompasses all communication methods used by businesses to communicate the product or service’s meaning to their customers.

Advertising is a type of promotion that is paid to present ideas and services via the channel of communication.

To increase demand and consumers, sales promotion is used.

One-to-one communication between buyer and seller is used for personal selling.

Promotional Mix Theory for Selection

The promotional mix can be used to choose the right channel for advertising the product.

Advertising has a broad reach and can reach a large audience, which allows Addison Lee the flexibility to choose the right channel to promote their products.

The target audience is defined as all people who have a similar demand to the products and services offered by the company. It also includes people who are interested (Laura 2017, 2017).

Their target audience includes people who use cabs to get from one place to the next and those who need to send something as couriers.

Addison Lee’s marketing team regularly delivers SMS, notification of app, and email to their target audience.

To attract customers, businesses use the different channels to market their products and services.

Once a business has identified its target audience, they can choose the media or channel to promote the services.

Marketing strategy is difficult. (European Commission 2016, 2016).

Addison Lee should promote its services by publishing branded brochures and distributing them.

To increase their market share and customer base, Addison Lee should distribute its booklets to various hotels and airports.

Communication Key Message

Addison Lee’s communication key message is “Your location is our destination”.

Addison Lee makes sure that their customers’ location is taken into consideration and they treat their customers’ location as their own.

Communication is an important part of any business’s communication with customers.

When designing messages, businesses should consider whether the key message is memorable and if it will attract customers’ attention.

These messages must be updated regularly according to context, audience and time.

These messages should also convey the thoughts and opinions of the business (Porter 2014).

AIDA- Attention. Interest. Desire. And Action

Attracting customers and grabbing their attention is crucial in today’s advertising environment.

A striking statement such as this one is powerful and can influence customers (Dymond Digital 2017, 2017).

Customers will be attracted to the key message, “Your Location Is Our Destination”, as it shows that Addison Lee is focusing on their customers.

Customers should be interested in the company’s services. This is called interest.

Addison Lee’s key message is the same.

Desire- The key message communicates the USP and will incite desire among consumers.

This key message will allow Addison Lee increase customer trust.

Action- Without encouraging customers to take action, all the above factors will be ineffective.

Customers will be motivated to use Addison Lee’s services because their message is clear and simple. This will lead to positive action.

This message will enable them to achieve their goal of 5% revenue growth.

Take Feedback

Survey- Addison Lee has an email survey that allows customers to give feedback about their services.

They can also ask customers to rate their services.

It is easy to send an email survey.

Calling- Addison Lee allows customers to give feedback by calling them regularly.

Addison Lee also offers live chat. Customers can communicate via their website or app.

Chat with customers and ask them for feedback.



The conclusion states that Addison Lee’s key message will enable them to increase their revenue by 5%. This key message is highly influencing and will motivate their target customers.

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