2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty XL with XTS Appearance PackageForty thousand pounds is the sound barrier for towing. Ford just broke it.

The Ford Super Duty 2023, when properly equipped, can tow up to 40,000 pounds. All-new for 2023, the Super Duty is available with a high-output diesel engine that produces 1,200 lb-ft of torque.

The phrase “when appropriately equipped” works as seriously as the 2023 Ford Super Duty in that sentence. To get the most powerful truck in the world, you have to buy a regular cab F-450 with an available 6.7-liter high-stroke V8 diesel engine and maximum towing package, then put the weight on a gooseneck trailer.

But this is a production model of the truck available from Ford itself. Unmodified, it can tow the equivalent of 30 Holstein cows, six female African elephants, and 77 Andre Giants, or about five trucks similar to a tow truck.

Ford says the new Super Duty’s maximum payload capacity is 8,000 pounds. Therefore, you will have to buy the F-350 Cab 4×2 Twin Rear Wheel Drive with the heavy payload package.

Ford hasn’t disclosed the weight of the empty truck, but the 2022 model started at about 7,700 pounds depending on the configuration. So, you could probably buy two Ford Super Duty 2023 pickup trucks and drive one home and one in bed if you can make it fit.

These numbers are partly due to bragging rights, but they may lead to buying decisions. Ford reports that Super Duty trucks make up more than half of the U.S. construction fleet. The company notes that this load is equivalent to 80 bags of cement, each weighing 100 pounds.

The previous Qatar champion was the 2022 Ram 3500 HD, with a maximum of 37,050 pounds. Ford beat its own payload record—the 2022 Super Duty topped 7,850 pounds.

Ford Super Duty 2023 prices:

Ford also charges a delivery fee of $1,795 on all Super Duty trucks.

pruning MSRP
F250XL 43,970 dollars
F-250 XLT 50,105 dollars
F-250 Lariat $61,410
F250 King Ranch $75,975
F250 Platinum $76,865
F-250 Limited $96,095
F350 XL $45,015
F-350 XLT $51,160
F-350 Lariat $62,460
F-350 King Ranch $77,025
F350 Platinum $77,915
F-350 Limited $97,270
F-450 XL $58,455
F-450 XLT $65,695
F-450 Lariat $78,665
F-450 King Ranch $91,090
F-450 Platinum $92,535
F-450 Limited $103,030

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